Liaoyuan, Jilin: Towards a new journey of urban civilization construction

2022-05-18 0 By

China Economic Herald China Development network dong Bo reporter Ni Wenzhong January has not passed, Liaoyuan city has entered a busy working mode.Since 2021, Liaoyuan city was awarded the seventh National Civilized City nomination City, liaoyuan city has made good achievements in accordance with the three-year city creation step arrangement of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government “consolidating the foundation and reinforcing the weak points, consolidating and deepening, and promoting development with long-term and constant governance”.By strengthening the top-level design, Liaoyuan city has formed the policy of “building a national civilized city as an important project” to affect the construction and management of the city, so as to promote the efficient operation and orderly progress of the building work.We will strengthen urban management and promptly solve the pressing and worrying livelihood problems of the people.Closely around public concern of the people’s livelihood, in order to optimize the environment of the city as the forerunner, in order to enhance the well-being and the acquisition of, push forward “double take” city, city road, park plaza, marina riparian zone, long-withering new “four house” and other municipal facilities and transformation and new construction of public cultural facilities, city’s main street road look brand-new.The three main urban districts and the departments of public security, urban management and housing and construction have taken on major responsibilities. Eighty-two municipal roads including Renmin Avenue have been upgraded, 54 old residential areas have been renovated, more than 14,500 parking Spaces and 2,000 non-motor vehicle parking Spaces have been allocated, and 44.2 kilometers of municipal facilities pipeline network have been updated.The uncivilized behaviors strongly reported by the masses have been consolidated and concentrated to clean up a total of more than 5,400 roads occupied by businesses, more than 1,200 vehicles of road debris, more than 1,800 banners and light boxes of all kinds, demolish 995 illegal buildings of 58,850 square meters, clean up small waste and restore more than 1,000 square meters of green land, dismantle, bind and organize more than 2,000 meters of flying wires.Nearly 160,000 small advertisements in cities were cleaned up, and positive progress was made in cleaning up urban disorder. Public complaints about serious urban diseases were effectively curbed, and people’s satisfaction with them continued to rise.Benchmarking index system, improve the overall quality of online material declaration.We will strengthen education and guidance, and effectively raise the level of civility among citizens and the level of civility in society.We will intensify publicity and education on core socialist values and the “Chinese Dream”, and further institutionalize the building of integrity and voluntary service.We will encourage the participation of the whole people and continue to deepen the concept of joint contribution and shared benefits.Establish a long-term mechanism and gradually consolidate the institutional foundation for building civilization.In 2022, Liaoyuan city will enter the “consolidation, deepening and upgrading” stage of the current establishment cycle.According to the requirements of the evaluation system, Liaoyuan city made in-depth planning based on the actual situation at the present stage, and specifically defined 25 main tasks, centering on building a solid foundation, optimizing the “ten environments”, carrying out “seven actions”, improving the “one set of mechanisms” to consolidate the achievements of the establishment and comprehensively improve the level of establishment.With more solid steps, more practical measures and more scientific methods, liaoyuan will continue to do a good job in the construction of civilization, and continue to contribute to the high-quality transformation and development of Liaoyuan and the comprehensive revitalization of the new era.