Guessing lantern riddles, throwing POTS, treasure hunting…Yanwu Street street jincang community Lantern Festival activities really lively

2022-05-18 0 By

On February 15, the Yanwu Street Jincang Community neighborhood committee held the activity of “Celebrating the New Year and Making Yuanxiao Trees and promoting harmony”, which also kicked off the 2022 Jincang Community Happy Life Festival series of activities.Morning, best preserved well park crowded, noisy, staff carefully prepared many riddles, not only a popular puzzle, fun guessing riddles, idioms, for everybody, and the civilization etiquette and traditional customs, “a circle two three items such as knowledge, rich contents, various forms.At the beginning of the activity, everyone competed with each other to read riddles, meditate in silence, and discuss with each other. Residents who guessed the idioms correctly could receive a beautiful souvenir.Then there are pot throwing and treasure hunting activities, the residents are actively involved in it, throwing arrows into the pot.Residents found it difficult at first, but after a few more votes, the results made a big difference.With a sound of “wow” exclaim, can throw the arrow into the pot more and more people, their sense of achievement is getting bigger and bigger.During the activity, residents not only exercised their physical coordination ability, but also learned about traditional Chinese sports games, enhanced their sense of identity to traditional culture, experienced the cooperation between teams, and understood the mutual comity and piety between people.Through this activity, the cultural life of community residents is enriched, so that residents can better integrate into the warm family of the community, feel the harmony and warmth of the community, but also promote the construction of a civilized and harmonious community, making residents’ happiness steadily improved.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Meng Jianfei editor Yu Fuwen editor Liu Dan Liao Bo