“Frozen age father” and daughter together frame, like brother and sister, 10 years before and after the same

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Many people believe that women age faster than men.In fact, when people reach middle age, men tend to look older due to obesity, baldness and other reasons.But there are always people, forgotten by time, how do they do it?A frozen father and his daughter look like brother and sister in the same picture.”Le cold knowledge” to warm tips: drink more water, more sweet smile, more closed eyes, more exercise, more rest, remember “more sweet smile drink more water” ha!”This article is about 1054 words, about 88 seconds to read!”Second tone read ah, as a reference words only estimated!# MyFunny Life # One user shared a before-and-after photo of himself and his daughter 10 years ago.Ten years ago, this dad was wearing a black coat a few sizes too big.The childishness on his face has not yet taken off, and he looks about twenty-four or five years old.And the daughter, about 5 or 6 years old.She was wearing a red dress, with two lovely pigtails, very cute.But 10 years later, dad did not change much, indeed, “frozen age dad”.His hair, which had been a little messy, was standing up and winding behind his head, looking good.Her daughter, in her school uniform, smiles at the camera.Her head was the same, with two pigtails.Ten years ago, by comparison, the two seem very similar.”Frozen age dad” and his daughter after the frame, such a photo, just like brother and sister ah!Let many fans cry out, come on!~ Happy cold knowledge: “frozen age dad” with his daughter in the same frame, like brother and sister, 10 years before and after the same difference!”So, how to become a frozen dad?Stick to sports and take competition as the power.Being competitive is something that’s written in your bones, and it’s what keeps you going.Exercise over a long period of time can not only build a strong body, but also make the whole person look younger.Move, sweat, build up your body!Otherwise, our generation could be the worst in the world.Nothing to heart, there is nothing in the world, much ado about nothing.There are a lot of fathers on the surface look careless, by a little thing, but may have a heart play.Do not take things to heart, remember to learn to open, so as to live young.”Frozen age dad” and his daughter in the same frame, like brother and sister, 10 years before and after the same difference!~ music cold knowledge ~3, pay attention to dress, details reflect taste, simple style pay attention to texture.Of course, it’s not impossible to wear big brands, but don’t wear anything with logos all over it.Instead, opt for simple, classic styles.Such clothes are more textured, suitable for most occasions, and easy to leave a good impression.If can some proper small element, small design, can let a person feel more, grade is pretty good!Read so much, everyone in the future “frozen age father”, “frozen age mother”, learning waste?…What do you think about that?Welcome to comment, exchange, discuss and discuss in the comments section.”Four more” midnight inspiration, 23 to 49 hours to create, remember to click a zan ha!Ee-i, ee-i!It’s not easy to create!This article by 2 love to make, 3 love to laugh, 4 love to cry, happy to add play “happy cold knowledge” original ha.179 line ^ small writer ^, hoping to win 4226 likes, some content only for fans 1 praise, 2 appreciate, 3 admire, 4 appreciate.Love, knowledge and beauty are found in the life, experience, story and daily life of “stars”.If you can “follow, comment, favorites, forward”…Even better next time! Come on, come on!Anyway, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!