Chinese women’s curling team got off to a bad start and men’s curling failed to make a good start in the Winter Olympics

2022-05-18 0 By

The first round of women’s curling at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Sunday morning.Beijing, February 10 (Chen Hang) — China’s women’s curling team lost 6-7 to Denmark in the first round of the round-robin of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on The morning of 10.In the first nine games, China and Denmark were tied 6-6. In the 10th game, Denmark scored one point with its last shot, and China lost 6-7.From the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the Danish women’s curling team competed in seven consecutive games.Among them is Madelene Dupont, captain of the Danish women’s curling team, who has competed in vancouver and PyeongChang for the third time.The first round of women’s curling at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Sunday morning.China News Service reporter Li Jun wang Rui said after the match, “I think we played very well today, there were simple mistakes in the middle to give the opponent a chance, but we never gave up.”She noted that it’s “very easy for people to work together, whether they’ve worked together before or not, when they join the team and do their job well.”The Chinese women’s curling team will also play Switzerland tonight, Wang rui said, “go back and study our tactics, the main thing is to be ourselves, to play our own ball.””Just put this game down and play the next one. It’s still a long game,” Dong said.(end) Source: China News Editor: White white