Zhuzhou Home bo packed dry goods! White must remember to play decoration vaccine (bedroom)

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In the last issue, Xiao Bo gave us a vaccine about living room decoration. Today, I come to talk with you about the place I spend the most time in my home — the bedroom.A good bedroom decoration environment can make us relax and comfortable, so the bedroom is the top priority of family decoration design, so what bedroom decoration problems need us to prevent a good vaccine kneading in advance?01 bedroom lamp uneasy double control bedroom dome light if you do not choose double control, such as the switch in the head of the bed, into the bedroom will have a distance to touch the dark, there may be knock against;If only the overhead light switch installed in the hallway, ha ha!Imagine the pain of having to get up and turn off the lights when you’re getting ready for bed in the winter.Delta not installed double switch traditional bedroom small bedroom ceiling lamps are strongly recommended to choose double switch, and the home of the smart home system can voice remote control to turn off the lights, let you in the comfortable bedroom free control overhead light flicker, clear all the way home ~ delta Po ready double control lamp, chest vertical space 02 bedroom talk less to the chest, this is the girl happy heaven!However, after wardrobe installation, some fairies may find that the vertical space of wardrobe can not fit their longest dresses.△ Block too much, the lack of vertical space of the wardrobe home bo complete custom wardrobe will not let you appear this worry oh!Select zero formaldehyde detected directional structure board (OSB), environmental protection, safety, beautiful atmosphere;Humanized space planning and design, vertical space in place, enough to put down the fairy’s longest dress, every day can be beautiful ~△ Environmental protection wardrobe 03 bedroom light is too strong bedroom is mainly rest, so the bedroom light must be soft, avoid too strong light direct into the bed.▽ Too strong and bright bedroom light will weaken drowsiness. Home bo has taken this into consideration. We choose warm and soft light for our bedroom light, which looks warm and can make people relax and let people fall asleep quickly.At present, the common wooden door filling material on the market has honeycomb paper, but honeycomb paper is easy to mold and rot in humid areas, gradually, the bedroom sound insulation effect is greatly reduced.Delta traditional honeycomb paper therefore choose high quality wooden door the door also cannot be ignored, the importance of this small Po Po ready recommend home strict optional mute ecological door, article USES the real wood keel, high-end magnetic door lock, fills in 24 advanced mute cotton super sound insulation, at the bottom of the unit and heat insulation mute door saving environmental protection, let a bedroom in the sense of belonging so UP!Delta home, ready to launch the ecological mute door xiao bo already share with you about the bedroom decorate a few important tips, hope you can like ~ if you have any bedroom decorate dry share or questions can leave a message in the comments section discussion oh ~ today zhuzhou home Po ready to share you first come here, like to please remember to pay attention to me!More life skills, decoration knowledge, case share as much as you can decorate your home doctor!