Young commandos in “Ice and snow World” : protect the Winter Olympics with the high-tech of “heaven”

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Qiu Chenhui, reporter of China Youth News, Beijing Winter Olympics is coming to an end, but there is no less exciting.Both inside and outside the ice field, a space with an average age of only 32 years old the youth team, take out an ace up their “god” is the escort the games: the national oval ribbon “ice” to provide technology support for film and television, pat, realized in yanqing to worship ritual expressway hebei section of beidou coverage, create medical rescue helicopters security zhangjiakou division tournament rescue…Yu Xiao nan, 35, is one of them.As a member of the 13th Film and television special shooting team of the Ninth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, he worked on the “Ice Ribbon” during the Whole Winter Olympics.”At first glance, it seems that space science and technology are far away from the Olympic Games,” he told reporters. “In fact, many places have the support of space power and the protection of our young scientists and engineers.”Winter Olympics science and technology support youth commandos part of the members, left for the xiao male.This Spring Festival has been quite different for Xiao Nan.In previous years, he and his colleagues spent New Year’s Eve in the gala’s performance hall.They created the “Aquila” cable transmission cableway camera system, has participated in the Spring Festival Gala live for six consecutive years.On New Year’s Eve this year, instead of the tension and pressure of the live broadcast and the excitement of the backstage colleagues gathering to eat packed rice dumplings, instead, we had the New Year’s Eve dinner in the isolated hotel restaurant with a transparent baffle.During the Beijing Winter Olympics, xiao Nan’s unit undertook the “ice ribbon” in the film and television special shooting task.Due to the strict control of the number of venues during the epidemic, the team decided to implement the on-site guarantee during the event by the experienced Yu Xiao Nan.January 29, Yu Xiao male moved into the isolation hotel, began a month and a half of closed-loop management.On New Year’s Eve, Xiao Nan in the “ice ribbon” busy all day, but also debugging equipment, but also with the scene of a variety of shooting ideas for testing.Back to the hotel in the evening, he watched the Spring Festival Gala live, while using his mobile phone and colleagues together “comment” on their own “Eagle” performance: that shot pushed well, this Angle flies quite steady.Before the New Year bell rang, Yu Xiao nan turned off the TV to sleep, because the next day early in the morning, he had to take the shuttle bus to the stadium on time to continue the preparation work.From “live Spring Festival Gala” into “live winter Olympics”, xiao nan accidentally obtained a calm New Year’s Eve.In the “ice ribbon” venue, Xiao Nan is mainly responsible for 4 sets of product security work.The two sets, called three-axis enclosed gyro image stabilization platforms, are set up high in the stands to provide a bird ‘s-eye view of the stadium.This is the flagship product in the series of special filming equipment of 13 institutes of the Ninth Aerospace Institute.Previously, the equipment as the tiananmen rostrum in front of the host, completed the communist Party of China to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the assembly live security task, Yu Xiao nan and colleagues also participated in the equipment operation and maintenance work in the scene.There are two sets set up in the field, is the famous “cheetah” camera “leopard head”.People often see the white spherical camera flying back and forth in the TV screen. It is the core component of the gyroscope rail car — the five-axis 4K gyro image stabilization platform, which undertakes the important task of high-speed and stable shooting of the game.In order to ensure the perfect live broadcast, the scene is equipped with a number of five-axis 4K gyro image stabilization platforms, two of which are from 13 institutes.For this new product, yu Xiao male and colleagues did not spend less brains at the beginning.The speed skating event can reach a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour, for which cheetah is designed to reach a speed of 90 kilometers per hour.In order to keep the picture stable and clear in the high-speed movement, the team spent half a year to constantly improve the design, repeated debugging and testing, and also set up a young commando team to take charge of technical breakthroughs. Finally, the equipment was successfully developed and accepted before the Start of the Winter Olympics.Yu Xiao male is accompanied by this film and television special shoot career development and grow up young backbone, to these their own from scratch to participate in the development of equipment has a deep feelings.”My predecessors have been working on inertial technology since 1960. It’s our expertise.”By applying the relevant technology to the film and television equipment, we can effectively isolate the bumps and vibrations of the moving vehicle and obtain a stable and clear picture.”Yu Xiao nan said.Through the snow and snow so that the signal full coverage yanqing to Chongli expressway hebei section, is the main highway transfer of the Winter Olympic Games.This section is located in the heavy hilly area of Chongli, and more than half of the section is bridge or tunnel. When the vehicle runs in the tunnel, the navigation signal is blocked by the mountain of the tunnel, and the positioning terminal cannot work normally.In order to solve this problem, 704 Institute of The Ninth Hospital developed the beidou Tunnel location signal expansion system of intelligent highway, which successfully achieved full coverage of beidou signal in this section and in the tunnel.Before the Opening of the Winter Olympic Games, the institute completed the deployment and commissioning of equipment for nearly 50 kilometers of tunnels as scheduled, and carried out smooth operation, providing an important guarantee for vehicle monitoring and emergency rescue in the whole course of the transit section of the Olympic Games area.The beidou Tunnel positioning signal expansion system of smart Highway is complicated and technically difficult. Therefore, 704 Institute has set up “Beidou Mountain Crossing Youth Commandos”, with the average age of team members being 32.This young team after several rounds of simulation analysis and diagnostic test, in a very short period of time through the tunnel space navigation signal coverage optimization, the high precision time synchronization and the key technology such as internal and external integration of elastic network distribution, hole, within 2 months from system design to product development, to nearly 2000 sets of product delivery and commissioning of deployment.The snow and ice sports field is wide and the risk factor is high. In addition, the zhangjiakou competition area is mountainous and complicated, so the rescue speed of land vehicles may be slow.Nine hospitals 13 units of zh-8A helicopters were modified to create a medical rescue helicopter, which was mainly responsible for the rescue work of zhangjiakou Competition area during the Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games.After 13 received the development task, quickly assembled young elite force, established an average age of 32 years old “blue sky 120 youth commandos”.In just five months, they completed the development of a new generation of medical rescue system and the modification of the airworthiness of finished medical equipment, creating a “helicopter + medical staff” rescue mode.In developing process, the members of youth commando people with the peculiar strength of youth, drive, encounter challenge head on, encounter difficulty carry actively: although member Yan Su just entered a post 1 year, but after he often ends the busy job of a day, work overtime again to late-night consult technical document;In the test flight process, team member Dehui Wang continued to work overtime transferred to many places, completed the test flight identification work;Team members Wang Lijie, Wei Ce many times volunteered to undertake additional simulation exercises……As the Games draw to a close, Yu has a list of things he wants to accomplish next.The second is to “smart restaurant” to study the Internet celebrity automatic food delivery robot, science and engineering background, he is interested in these small items of science and technology;Third, exchange more badges from different countries with the volunteers.”When the closed loop is over, I will give these badges to my colleagues, which is probably the most distinctive gift of the Winter Olympics trip.”Yu Xiao nan said.Source: China Youth Daily client