‘Whatever happens in the village, we’ll come back and help!’

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Chengdu, February 26 (February 24), Sichuan Tianfu New District Huayang street 3 enthusiastic citizens Mr. Zhang, Mr. Liao, Mr. Wang for Fulong community Lijingyuan residential isolation residents sent more than 20,000 pounds of food.In the afternoon of the same day, more than 20 thousand pounds of supplies in two batches of lijingyuan no. 1 door.”The first shipment was dumplings and dumplings delivered by refrigerated truck, and the second shipment was vegetables delivered by freight truck.”Fulong community staff introduced, donated materials Mr. Zhang, Mr. Liao, Mr. Wang 3 people are “small village”, when the youth are fulong community residents, although not in the community now, but the community has been very concerned about things.At more than 1 o ‘clock in the afternoon, boxes of dumplings and dumplings to the first, Fulong community immediately organized party members volunteer team, police and more than 20 people began to unload, and then into the insulation bags.”Each household has an insulated bag, which contains two bags of dumplings and two bags of tangyuan.”Mr. Zhang said that on The 23rd, he discussed the donation with two friends liao and Wang, and learned about the number of quarantined households from the community.”Based on community statistics, we prepared the corresponding components.”Mr. Zhang said that after confirming the donation, they quickly contacted the shopping mall and the vegetable market. “The shopping mall and the vegetable market were very supportive of our idea, and quickly helped us organize manpower and purchase vegetables, until the early morning of the 24th, they were all ready to get on the bus.”The scene workers were busy for nearly an hour, but the dumplings and dumplings were still not fully loaded. Mr. Liao, a warm-hearted citizen, came to the Lijingyuan epidemic Prevention Headquarters with a truck full of vegetables, which had already been loaded by the market staff.”We prepared more than 20 kilograms of vegetables for each household.”Mr. Liao introduced that, with the addition of dumplings and dumplings, each household quarantined residents about 24-25 kilograms of supplies.Among the vegetables packed separately, there are no tomatoes, pea tips, bok choy and other vegetables that are easily crushed.”Considering the vehicle turbulence, loading, getting off and loading, as well as loading, vegetables may be squeezed bad, so the main procurement of cabbage, potatoes, radish and other vegetables that are not easy to squeeze bad.”Mr. Liao said.While the three warm-hearted citizens were praised for their actions, Zhang, Liao and Wang said, “This is just a gesture from us as citizens, and we hope that the residents living at home will have a positive attitude during the quarantine period.””We three brothers grew up in the same village, so we have a wish (promise) to the village, no matter what happens in the village, we will come back to help, do something within our power, do a little help,” the three said.(Li Xudong)