Through six self-examination, learn western pastry skills……She said to her father, My daughter is well. I hope you can rest easy

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“My daughter passed the human Resource Management course again last year, and was awarded as an ‘activist for reform’ and ‘Excellent reporter.’ I hope you can feel relieved after reading this.”Recently, the second provincial women’s prison criminal Ouyang (pseudonym) will once again his annual reform results into a letter home, sent to his father.She has been writing for three consecutive years since she was jailed in 2018.However, these letters can not be delivered, behind what kind of story?Back in 2016, Ouyang, 29, was jailed for telecom fraud in partnership with others.After imprisonment, Ouyang heart extremely guilty, in the police officer’s teachings, she wants to repent to her father, begging forgiveness.However, ouyang met his father visiting the prison for the first time in May 2018 and learned that his father had terminal lung cancer. He died less than three months later.Ouyang was heartbroken and demoralized.”Father said that if you could mend your ways and get a good job after you come out, he would be relieved…”Ouyang brother brought his father’s last words, I hope my sister to cheer up.Ouyang was deeply touched, but how to change it became a difficult problem in front of her.”When you think about it, from childhood to adulthood, what makes your father happiest is what you do…”The police woke Ouyang up, “I want to take the self-examination, father every time to see my report card is very happy, when I failed to enter the university, let father regret for a long time, this time I want to go to college…”Thus, from April 2019, Ouyang signed up for the self-examination of human Resource Management major.By October 2021, Ouyang had successfully passed six courses. Other criminals called her the “self-examination master.”With the consent of the police, Ouyang also took the initiative to share their experience and learning materials.Liu makes (alias) be in ouyang drive below namely, attended from take an examination.Before that, he was told that he had to review intensively in the evening before the exam. Liu felt that he had taken up the rest time, which was more than worth the loss, and wanted to give up.Ouyang gave her encouragement in her spare time and took the initiative to help her prepare review materials every night. “We should not only look at the immediate gains and losses, but also look far and learn more knowledge and skills, so that we can have a foothold after the freshmen.”With Ouyang’s encouragement, Liu persevered and passed two courses.In 2020, four criminals, encouraged by Ouyang, took the self-test and passed it all.In 2021, there are 5 “classmates” with her to burn the midnight oil, also achieved ideal results.See more and more criminals to participate in the self-examination, but also good test can get prison rewards, everyone’s self-examination enthusiasm is greatly stimulated, more and more people to join their ranks.High wall prisoner “obeisance teacher to learn art” feeling police grace from the examination, Ouyang also want to learn more skills.In September 2018, Ouyang was transferred to the kitchen west point, she met skills teacher – prison police cheng Jingrong.”Here’s the baking ledger, you can take a look…”Cheng Jingrong is a baking master, she saw Ouyang is very studious, they decided to teach her to make western pastry hand in hand.The Mid-Autumn Festival, Ouyang under the guidance of Cheng Jingrong, learned to make moon cakes.”How nice it would be if my father could eat the mooncakes I made…””As long as you keep improving and getting better, that will comfort him more than anything…”Cheng Jingrong patient guidance, not only for Ouyang untie heart knot, still help her find self-confidence.Now, Ouyang has learned dozens of Chinese and Western pastry making skills in the special skills training of the prison, and every Mid-Autumn festival and Dragon Boat Festival, she and the prisoners make moon cakes and mung bean cakes by hand, very popular.There are still two years of Ouyang’s new life, she said, I hope that when she walked out of the wall, she could loudly comfort her father: daughter has changed, I hope you feel at ease!