The current situation of Uzi’s comeback is bleak: the first broadcast was robbed of the popularity of the bleak, wind reviews plummeted by the group mockery!

2022-05-17 0 By

If you want to talk about the most talked about player in this year’s LPL spring competition, then undoubtedly is the BLG player Uzi who has not appeared so far.After the transfer period ended, he announced his comeback and joined BLG to form Galacticos, which made many LPL viewers look forward to the upcoming BLG season.Unfortunately, Uzi hasn’t had a chance to make his comeback debut in the past year.For Uzi, comeback is obviously a deliberate choice. After all, as the top AD player in LPL in the past, he was obviously unwilling to retire when he was at the peak of his fashion career. In addition, he still had the regret of not winning the CHAMPION of S competition, so it is unexpected and reasonable that he would choose to return.But his comeback has been a surprise, as Uzi’s return to the game was greeted with encouragement and praise, but was met with a barrage of ridicule and skepticism.Due to the controversy between fans and black, Uzi has been standing at the forefront of the e-sports circle since he announced his comeback, but also because of the popularity of the second song “Lone Swimmer” in the circle plummeted.Uzi, who was determined to make a comeback, was under attack from the black fans, but he didn’t get a chance to play. There was no training game in the team, which made all of Uzi’s fans doubt whether it was the right decision to make a comeback.In addition, it is difficult for Uzi to devote his mind and time to live broadcast because he has to put a lot of energy into training for his comeback. Some netizens who often follow Uzi live broadcast compared the popularity gap between Uzi’s live broadcast before and after his comeback.At the peak of his comeback, he had a popularity rating of 600 million and a VIP rating of 10 million, but recently his popularity has dropped to 200 million and the VIP rating has dropped to around 3 million.It’s clear that Uzi has sacrificed a lot in order to get back, but it’s hard not to cry for Uzi.I hope that after the New Year, the dog can have the opportunity to usher in his first show after the comeback, and return to the LPL stage to bring wonderful competition and eye-catching operation for the audience.What did the Internet think of it?Share your thoughts in the comments section below.