“Semi-mature lovers” Wang Neng can dispatch to protect his wife, Laura positive response, words revealed together

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“Semi-mature Lovers” the latest issue, Laura’s circle of friends caused a lot of controversy, now the hut has been together for more than 20 days, is about to end, the program broadcast to the eighth issue, but Laura has not gone from Yu Yue and Wang Neng Neng to choose their own one.In this issue, she still chose to check Yu Yue, and posted: “The first official date, a little shy, a little embarrassed.”Apparently, it was also written for Yu Yue, which made many viewers think Wang made a mistake.After the broadcast of the program, Lola was ridiculed loudly, and many fans fell out of love, thinking that Lola’s wavering is not worthy of Wang nengneng’s kindness to her, so that Wang Nengneng is “beautiful alone”.Wang nengneng later wrote: “Everyone’s life is unimaginable to others, less than 20 days can not accelerate the tilt of the scale, unknown, no comment, right and wrong, more understanding of giving and tolerance.””Call me names. I have a good temper,” he added.Wang Can can the content of the blog has been very obvious, because Laura was ridiculed by netizens, his move is nothing but want to come out for Laura, let the netizens do not anger to Laura, this “protect his wife” behavior is very responsible.One user said: “They want you to be uniquely beautiful. Can you tolerate that?”Wang nengneng replied, “Why alone beauty?I’m not a woman. I can’t be beautiful.”Later, a netizen joked: “Brother Neng’s wife is so beautiful that they let him be the only one?”In fact, many people do not understand Lola’s wavering, as long as 8 episodes of the program, let the audience mistakenly think that the people in the cabin must have recognized their own mind, but in fact, they only know for 20 days.And Wang Nengneng has always said in the program that it is difficult to understand Laura’s choice, because Urick is also very good.King can post before long, Laura also response to the issue of the controversial given, she said: “I know you not happy, want to say what will say, I know you will back very happy, so don’t so unhappy these days, I also do not have what good explanation, I care about people understand (ps: forbid to scold people outside of the building Lord).”Laura’s response is also very obvious, people outside the building owner refers to Wang Nengneng, she can accept herself to be scolded, but can not accept Wang Nengneng to be scolded, and Wang Nengneng side, said that he is good temper, everyone to scold themselves.Both sides are protecting each other, and the paella cp fans were caught off guard when they received a large amount of dog food. Their mood was also up and down, and suddenly they were happy again.From this paragraph between Wang Nengneng and Laura, two details can be seen that they did finally get together.”I know you’re going to have a lot of fun,” Laura said.Most of the audience are her and Wang Nengneng’s cp fans, naturally they will be happy to see the two together, so Laura is implying that she and Wang Nengneng finally succeed in holding hands.In addition, netizens asked Wang nengneng to be beautiful alone, and Wang nengneng said, “Why be beautiful alone?”So it seems that Wang Nengneng is finally not the only beautiful, but the beautiful woman.Therefore, the ending must be happy, Wang Neng can and Laura will be together, as for the process, in fact, there is no need to be angry because of a short small choice of Laura, after all, not the parties, certainly can not understand Laura’s state of mind at that time.Can only say, after careful choice, Laura choose wang can be absolutely the best choice.”Tall and brave, independent thinking”, in addition, it is also very responsible, very responsible.Before, Yu Yue’s assistant exposed yu Yue’s undisclosed circle of friends and chat records with Lola, which caused controversy. Wang Nengneng wrote in a post as soon as he got the news: “Beautiful love is impossible for me, but the only thing I care about is that the people I care about are not consumed and not hurt.”Which translates to, don’t hurt Lola.Both Lola and Wang Nengneng mentioned “the people I care about” in their posts. It is conceivable that the people who care about here are talking about each other.The final outcome of Balala must be good, so I hope you fans follow it rationally, don’t you think?