Pay it forward

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An anonymous confession by a poor tsinghua University student has attracted wide attention online.When he enrolled that year, he received more than 13,000 yuan in scholarships and grants, leaving him with only 6,500 yuan a year after tuition and miscellaneous fees, the article said.He set himself a strict spending plan, spending only 400 yuan a month;However, when he went to graduate school, he in turn supported four poor students…
Because I have been in the rain, SO I want to hold an umbrella for others.After receiving help, this student was grateful and passed on love, which is commendable.
As the saying goes: give a rose, the hand has lingering fragrance.When someone helps you when you are in trouble, all you have to do, besides remembering and returning the favor, is to pass on the love between people and lend a hand to others who also need help.
Society is a big family, all for one, one for all.Along the way, each of us will encounter setbacks and difficulties, and need the help and support of others.Therefore, passing on love is also a realistic need for people to warm each other.
De is small, drip moisture;Good does not refuse small, small and small make a tower.As the song goes: “As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world.”Let’s pay it forward, let it warm the world.Go back to Sohu and check out more
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