During the Chinese New Year blind date 5 times, I found that women do not marry old leftover male reasons

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I am Ye Feifei YFF, a non-famous emotional tutor, writing heart-walking emotional words, hoping to bring you some spiritual comfort with warm words.Every Spring Festival, the proportion of blind dates is very high, many leftover men and women will take advantage of this time to blind date, hoping to find the right person to marry.On the other hand, in the face of family pressure to get married, men and women also have to attend blind dates, which also makes the blind date market hot during the Spring Festival.Some men and women successfully find a partner during the Spring Festival, and then confirm the love relationship, so as to get married.However, there are many men and women who have failed in their blind dates and can only hope that the next time they meet the right person, they can seize the opportunity to get rid of the single.Among these men and women, they have their own opinions on marriage and will not follow others’ opinions, even their families, which makes their marriage more difficult.Take the neighbor’s daughter Mei for example. She went on five blind dates during the Spring Festival but still failed to find a suitable man, but she did not lower her conditions and would not settle for marriage.Xiaomei, 35, a pretty girl, went on five blind dates from the third day of the Chinese New Year to the ninth day of the Chinese New Year. She met five different blind dates, all of which failed.Xiaomei said she really won’t settle for marriage, and if the man doesn’t meet her marriage standards, she won’t be wronged to marry him.For this reason, Xiaomei said, for example, there is a blind date male, really stingy, a little money are not willing to pay, she really despise.For example, after the blind date, she went shopping with a man, he even reluctant to buy her a cup of milk tea, really stingy.What’s more, Xiao Mei saw a bag in a shop, the price is more than 6000, she liked it very much, so she wanted to buy it.However, she only has 5,000 yuan in her phone, which is over 1,000 yuan short, so she wants her husband to pay first and then pay him back later.Unexpectedly, the male directly refused to listen to, which made her instant to him a bad impression, feel that there is no way to go on communication.There was also a blind date man, 40 years old, but not stable at all, with a monthly salary of more than 8,000 yuan, feeling very unmotivated.Xiao Mei said that the man has no pursuit, simple thinking, although he looks honest, but not at all romantic, also do not know how to make girls happy.What makes Mei dislike most is that the man always asks her to do housework and take care of the children at home after marriage. He is so old-fashioned that he can’t get along with her.In his mind, when a woman is married, she has to serve men at home, and that alone disappoints her.Therefore, Xiaomei directly refused to contact, did not continue to date with him, she felt that there is no happiness to marry such a man.In this way, Xiaomei in a row blind date 5 times, all have no success, blind date male is not money, stingy, no ambition, is thought stuffy, do not respect women, she really can not accept.Mei said she really found out why women don’t marry older men. They are really bad.She is not material woman, but the man wants to marry her, should also show some sincerity.Her marriage requirements are also simple, requiring the man to have a house and a car, and a monthly salary of more than 20,000 yuan.Moreover, she also does not want the bride price, as long as the man has the ambition, can respect her, pays for her sincerely on the line.However, most of the men she dates don’t meet the requirements, so during the Spring Festival, she failed every blind date and was particularly disappointed with the older men.Now, Xiao Mei is about to go to work and has given up hope for blind dates. She says when to get married, it’s fate.Comprehensive xiao Mei’s blind date, some women do not marry old leftover men, no more than two important reasons: first, the man’s economic conditions are not good, very stingy someone said: “leftover men have to be the same.”Indeed, for many men over 30, the most important reason for not getting married is poor economic conditions.They have no house, no savings, it is difficult to attract women’s attention, even in the process of dating, they will not get women’s attention.If the man’s economic condition is better, it is generally not worried about finding a partner, this is a very practical reason.This requires men to work hard, be sure to improve their comprehensive ability, so that they become strong, have a good economic foundation, so as to successfully find a partner.Otherwise, men have no money, not enough effort, stingy everywhere, basically no women can look up to.After all, women have their own criteria for what they want in a mate, and when you don’t meet them, most of them won’t settle.Two, do not respect women, women as an accessory of marriage women do not marry older men, there is another important reason, is that men regard women as an accessory of marriage, do not respect women.For example, when Xiaomei met a blind date, she was asked to get married, and she had to wait on the men at home, do housework and take care of the children, which basically ignored the status of women.In marriage, women and men are equal, no matter it is work or life, both should pay together, share the responsibility.If a woman has to earn money, take care of the family, and live at the will of a man, marriage is basically not happy.This is also the reason why Xiaomei refused to date men, she can not be locked in marriage, more will not settle for this kind of conservative men.Therefore, older men want to successfully find an object, it is best to know how to respect women, whether before marriage, after marriage, to give women the respect.If always holding the thought of male chauvinism, to get along with women in a superior attitude, may really no woman can look up to.This may also be the reason why it is difficult for older men to get married. After all, no woman will bet her whole life on marriage. If there is no happiness, they will not settle for marriage.To sum up, if leftover men and women want to successfully find a partner, they should correct their own attitude, not only evaluate the shortcomings of others, but also see their own shortcomings.If self-regard is too high, it is easy to become blind, so it will delay their marriage, is detrimental to themselves.Hope leftover men and women should treat marriage correctly, you can ask others, but must first face up to yourself, really in the blind date to be fair and just, the most important thing is to pay sincerity and sincerity.In short, leftover women can not blindly demand too much, but not only to men, recognize themselves, recognize the reality, perhaps it will be better for themselves.Of course, leftover men should also have a sense of active efforts, be self-motivated, improve their economic conditions, respect women, and improve their overall strength.If you can’t do this, if you don’t work hard and live with the mentality of muddling along, which woman will marry you?The reason why some women don’t marry old leftover men is because they have poor economic conditions, don’t know how to get along with women, and don’t respect women.I hope both men and women can have a clear understanding of themselves and find the most important partner in life smoothly on the way out of single.END author: Ye Feifei YFF, focus on the emotional field of creation and sharing, with emotion to communicate your heart and mine, wish you and I know each other here, like please pay attention to me.