Blind people in The streets of Kongjiang Road didn’t eat for two days and cried for help through the iron gate?He was getting ready to eat steamed sausage when the street cadre came

2022-05-17 0 By

Yesterday, a post circulated online for the 70-year-old blind man in Kongjiang Road, Yangpu District. The post said the old man was blind and had not eaten for several days. He had been crying for help from the iron gate.The reporter learned from Yangpu District that the elderly is actually a disabled person with low vision, not completely blind, and has the ability to take care of themselves, and on April 3, yangpu District has received the vegetable bag.Street cadres, neighborhood committee cadres, building leaders and resident representatives went to the old man’s home today to check, he was preparing to eat steamed sausage, and there are rice, zongzi, vegetables, meat, eggs and other food and seasonings, the post was posted by his sister, out of concern for the old man and posted for help, after understanding the situation has taken the initiative to delete the post.The reporter also learned that the old man’s neighbors get along well with him. Although they felt strange after learning about the help post on the Internet, because they did not hear the old man shout “help”, they still prepared meals for the old man overnight and said they would continue to care for the old man.It is understood that the old man surnamed Xu, for enterprise retirees, is low vision disabled.In daily life, he can take care of himself. He can not only walk up and down stairs alone, but also walk around the chess and card rooms and other residential areas.He used to live with his daughter, but recently his daughter was not with him due to family conflicts.On April 3, the cadres of the neighborhood committee sent each family a vegetable parcel to the old man’s home, but Xu did not mention the difficulty of life when he received it.After the hot spread of online help, street cadres, neighborhood cadres, building leaders and resident representatives went to the old man’s home today to check, the old man has steamed a bowl of sausage is ready to eat.He told everyone that part of the vegetable package has been eaten, but there is still some surplus, and there are rice, zongzi, vegetables, meat, eggs and other food and seasonings at home.The neighborhood committee cadres opened the refrigerator to check, there is food, there is no hungry situation.Officials of the neighborhood committee said they will further strengthen their care for the elderly, arranging special personnel to visit the elderly every day to understand their daily life and help solve their living needs in a timely manner.The reporter learned from the street cadres and other places, they went upstairs on the way from the residents living in the first floor and other floors heard that their neighborhood relationship is very good, these two days never heard the elderly shout for help, otherwise would have rushed up to help the elderly.And, after seeing the online post, they also specialized overnight cooking, early morning to the old man up, from the old man learned that there is no hungry for a few days.At the same time, the police also visited to verify the content of the post, and confirmed that the post was made by the elderly’s sister Aunt Xu, who did not go out during the epidemic containment period and did not know the elderly’s situation.And, the old man also said that the two people did not call these days, sister does not understand their situation, Posting content is not true.At present, the poster has taken the initiative to delete posts.(Xinmin Evening News reporter Sun Yun)