Anhui University of Finance and Economics three trips to the countryside: Red Silk Fluttering team went to Yigang town to carry out social practice activities

2022-05-17 0 By

In order to further understand the implementation and development of the rural revitalization strategy and its achievements, the agglomeration situation of characteristic industries, and the enabling achievements of rural revitalization, the Red Silk Piaopiao team from the Accounting School of Anhui University of Finance and Economics came to Yigang Town, Wuhu city, Anhui Province for social practice activities on January 9, 2022.The practice team first conducted a survey in the surrounding area of Yigang Art and Innovation Town by themselves, and also conducted interviews with residents in the nearby communities, which enabled the researchers to have a preliminary understanding of the basic situation of Yigang Art and Innovation Town.Later, under the leadership of Administrative Reception Specialist Chen Ling, the team members had a detailed understanding of Yigang Town.Town in Chen ling, adhere to the “government guidance, enterprise main body, market-oriented operation”, “the spirit of the Chinese aesthetic education” as the core connotation, relying on the peak of art education on the basis of the core features of industry, to improve the living environment as the breakthrough, transform the cultural creativity into low-grade industrial park, full development of cultural creative industry, such as agricultural products packaging design,We will promote integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas.At the same time, the town also carries forward the Spirit of Chinese aesthetic education as its own responsibility, makes full use of its cultural and creative advantages, encourages the planning and design of rural areas, explores the cultural protection and inheritance of the river towns and polders in the south of the Yangtze River, and contributes to the overall revitalization of rural areas.After listening to the introduction of the commentator, the practice team members had a face-to-face interview and communication with Wei Wei, the graphic designer of Peak Education. In this process, Mr. Wei patiently and carefully answered questions for team members, so that team members had a deep understanding of the town’s history and culture, spatial layout, industrial characteristics, platform building and other conditions.Through the social practice activity, everybody in town and effective integration of local resources and talent advantages, promote the cultural creativity, art education and research to learn emerging formats such as tourism, digital technology to flourish, attract together aspiring young home in employment, entrepreneurship can assign the practice methods and the latest achievements of rural had the further understanding,It also provides a reference for the practice team to study how to make use of idle assets of enterprises to build a comprehensive service online system at county, township and village levels for agriculture.