Zhanyi District Bureau of Culture and Tourism took three measures to promote the standardized construction of public cultural service institutions

2022-05-16 0 By

In recent years, zhanyi region culture and tourism, actively exploring standardization construction of public cultural services, continuous innovation of public cultural service mode, strengthening the accurate supply, with standardized concept prompted towards the high quality of public cultural services, prompted by standardized means of public cultural services highlighting humanistic care, build the standard management, complete system of the modern system of public cultural services.The first is to implement the requirements of free opening, strictly in accordance with the Implementation Opinions on Free Opening of Public Library and Cultural Center (Station) in Qujing City, the weekly opening time of cultural center (station) is more than 56 hours, and the weekly opening time of library is more than 60 hours.Free admission of museums and art galleries shall be no less than 56 hours per week.The free opening time of the cultural station shall be no less than 40 hours per week, and the opening time shall be extended on weekends and holidays.Second, standardize the service items and procedures, the service items, service time, contact personnel, contact information should be conspicuous publicity, so that the public can actively participate in public cultural activities;Third, the quality of service has been standardized. Each service agency has formulated service requirements and job responsibilities based on the actual work conditions, so as to ensure that the system is on the top of the wall.Edited by Wang Dongmei, Deng Xiaodong, Ding Xuena