Wear book text: she wear into the cannon fodder evil female match, want to stay away from the plot, but married with the male main

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Hello everyone, I heard that you are short of books again, but you can’t find any novels that you are interested in. Today, I would like to recommend some good novels to you. If you like, don’t miss it!Book shortage quickly collect!She dresses up as the evil girl in the book. She wants to stay away from the plot, but she marries the hero.After wearing books, I became a passer-by of cannon fodder. Novel introduction: Once wearing books, I became a passer-by of cannon fodder.As long as the thought of Japanese tragic fate, ye late late heart plug plug, must prevent she like men.From the initial plot to prevent the plot and close to Kang Yu-cheol, to the end of the love for him.After ye Wanwan and Gu Qianli bought a good meal, they went to the place they had originally chosen.”Secretly tell you oh, I sit at the same table special mental retarded, my school uniform is to be taken wrong by him, is really clothes, also don’t admit, he this kind of person, in addition to grow handsome whole body is a shortcoming……”About to walk to the time, suddenly found xiao Bai with Jiang Yu Zhe, they stopped, late leaf suddenly felt some embarrassment.I don’t know if he heard me.Lu Ziyan: “Although I am not a big shot, I know two male gods in our school. Coincidentally, they are both in the same school. Although they don’t have much in common, they are still friends.Come and sit down!I’ll be embarrassed.”Gu Qian li’s line of sight slowly falls on Jiang Yu zhe.Lu Ziyan took advantage of Gu Qian Li in a daze, directly stood up, pulling Gu Qian Li sat to his side.Gu Qian li some embarrassed raised his head, just opposite him, suddenly feel some uncomfortable all over.I don’t know why…From the moment I first met him, I realized I liked him very much.Lu Ziyan looked to the leaf who was still in a daze: “Late late, you pour to sit down?Isn’t that just eating with a guy?As shy as that?”Jiang Yu zhe frowns slightly a wrinkle, Xiao Bai also leng for a while.Are some can’t believe lu Ziyan said the last sentence, she will be shy?I’m just a little excited. I’m so happy that I can have dinner with two male gods again. I don’t know how many fanatics will be jealous of me in the future.””Wear book cannon fodder: magic doctor small meng wife” novel introduction: Qin Xiaoxiao wear a book.Wear the bold and daring and Japanese rob men, repeatedly framed she was eventually Japanese fan brother to toss dead small cannon fodder.And her task is not to rob male master, is not to rob male 2, but to attack that surface loyal dog, heart twisted……Little brother.Highlight clip: “Yue Ming.”Inside the carriage Qin Xiaoxiao’s voice was low and tentative, “Are you outside?””…HMM.””Can you call sister Mengyao for me?”Qin xiaoxiao’s voice was a little uneasy.Yue Ming wanted to open the curtain of the carriage, but resisted, “How?””Go and fetch her, and say I have business with her.”Qin xiaoxiao urged.The more Ming is not willing to, “you change good clothes come out, did not change good clothes now change.”He looked at Yan Mengyao, who was talking to the girl in the distance. “You still want her to walk back and forth for you after you just recovered.You can call me if you need anything.”Who else would want to see her like this.Carriage inside of Qin Xiaoxiao gas dead dead grasp clothes, gnash teeth way: “call you, I came to kwai shui, call you useful?Do you know what to do?”This dead monomaniac, isn’t let his big miss walk a few steps more reluctant to it?If the system hadn’t forced her to change his ending, she would have kicked the paranoia out the door.The more Ming face instant burst red, spread from the ears to the neck, escape like yan Mengyao called, and quickly away from the.After a while, Yan Mengyao came out of the carriage with a smile, followed by a red-faced Qin Xiaoxiao, qin Xiaoxiao a pair of more singing eyes, on the gas of the hum.Meng Cang had learned why the little girl jumped into the river.The little girl is Geng Xiaohe, who lives in a village not far away. Half a year ago, a demon came to the village. The demon confused the people.A few days ago, the ogre sent word that he had a crush on her.The Geng family is reluctant, but fear of retribution from the demons forces the geng family to hand over their daughter.Introduction to the novel: Jiang Hua penetrates a book in an ancient overlord romance novel. He becomes the evil female partner of the hua in the book. He usually steals the woman’s man, annoyances the man frequently and finally ends up in a miserable death.So, she decided not to go against Japanese, more to stay away from men, but don’t want to actually married men.Highlights: Jiang Hua first goes to photograph several fashion magazines.As I said before, her face is pure and desirable, and most of the shapes can be perfectly held. In addition, she has young skin and good skin, so the materials taken by the photographer can not help being amazed.Jiang Hua shouted that he was not used to it, “The face that I do facial expression is almost stiff. This magazine is not so easy to photograph.”Small Ann feel she is Versailles, “sister, we shoot these several fashion magazines, can be the industry’s top, even if a little tired, but also worth ah.””Jiang Hua thought,” Yes, it is relatively easy to just change clothes and do facial expressions and movements.Zhang Fang interrupted the two people’s chat, “the hot variety show that I said before is going to shoot, it is an outdoor reality show, in the suburbs of Jincheng, to be a guest, you should be to experience.””It’s up to you.”Jiang Hua himself is not very ambitious in his career.But in a world where everything is changing, she can’t help but think for herself.Only by increasing her stakes can she survive and smile.Because at the beginning of the thought of this point, so the general zhang put to her notice or activities, she will not refuse without reason.The next day, Jiang Hua goes to the recording place of the variety show with Zhang Fang and Xiao an.The recording venue was a private amusement park on the outskirts of Jincheng. After some hard work and some connections, the program managed to borrow one day’s time at the amusement park so that everyone could record there.There are four fixed guests in this variety show, two males and two females. Three other artistes are invited. Jiang Hua is one of them.Today’s sharing ended here, later will also recommend different types of articles, like reading novels friends, if interested in the collection of attention to me!