The winter Olympics journey with digital RMB has begun

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Looking forward to, looking forward to, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games opened.The opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games was held at the Bird’s Nest National Stadium on The evening of February 4.The fourth day of this year, in addition to the wonderful opening ceremony itself, there are bing Dun dun franchised shops and the “Bird’s Nest” digital RMB booth has become the most eye-catching, the most “eye-catching” place.In licensed retail stores, restaurants and other places of consumption “easily sweep”, many consumers also ushered in their own digital RMB payment “initial experience”.New payment options: Bing Dwen dwen’s encounter with DIGITAL RMB is limited to the brand rights and interests of the Winter Olympic Games. During the winter Olympic Venues, VISA and cash (including physical RMB and digital RMB) are supported for payment.It is worth noting that Visa is the official designated exclusive payment service provider of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and the digital RMB isa sovereign currency, with legal compensation, is not subject to relevant restrictions, can also be used within the red line oh.For users who are used to mobile payment, using digital RMB can not only save the inconvenience of carrying physical RMB and change, but also save the trouble of waiting in line for a long time.At the Bird’s Nest, customers flocked to licensed stores to buy mascot merchandise.The reporter saw at the scene that some consumers skillfully use digital RMB to complete the purchase and payment, but also some consumers without physical RMB. Under the guidance of volunteers and bank of China staff on the scene, they couldn’t wait to queue up after downloading the digital RMB App.As a digital RMB has been used for a year “old user”, the reporter opened the App, on the slip to open the payment code, payment ~ pick up the lovely ice dun dun, the bird’s nest “top flow” hand!02 Contactless payment: The advantages of epidemic prevention help safety Olympic Digital RMB supports a variety of payment methods such as “touch”, “scan” and “online purchase”, which can easily realize contactless payment.This is also the only payment method among the three available in the venues of the Winter Olympics that can achieve “non-connection between Windows”, showing its unique advantages during the Winter Olympics when epidemic prevention and control are not relaxed.In the Wumart supermarket in the Winter Olympics village, customers paid with their Winter Olympic-themed digital YUAN wallets by “touching” POS machines through the glass.”During the epidemic, the contact between cashiers and payers will inevitably increase, whether in physical yuan or by swiping a credit card. It’s safe to pay in digital yuan.”One consumer sighed.During the Winter Olympics, Chinese residents and foreign friends can use a variety of digital RMB products to enjoy the convenience of small mobile payments.The first step is to open a digital RMB wallet.”It’s really convenient to open a digital RMB wallet with a mobile phone number and no bank account.”A volunteer was pleasantly surprised to tell the reporter that from downloading the application, registering, binding bank cards, to opening an account, the whole process can be completed in a few minutes.Foreign friends in China can also easily download the digital RMB App.At present, the DIGITAL RMB App has been put on the shelves of all mobile phone App stores in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). Foreign users of Apple phones in China can register their Apple ID in China and search for keywords such as digital RMB and ECNY through the App Store to find the digital RMB App to download and install.Those using Android phones can go to the official digital RMB download page (BANK of China provides access to the QR code), download the installation package and install it directly.Since the bank account of the digital yuan is loosely coupled, opening a wallet does not necessarily require a bank account.If a consumer wants to make small daily purchases, he or she can open four types of wallets at any service provider by simply using his or her mobile phone number.Foreign friends in China can also use overseas mobile phone number registration.The Financial Times has learned that the digital RMB App allows nearly 100 Countries and regions participating in the Winter Olympics to register their mobile phone numbers and open wallets.04 heavy privacy: hardware wallet officially released anonymous access flexible and convenient in the “Bird’s Nest”, multiple digital RMB application scenarios are ready.In addition to the merchandise retail, catering and other places of consumption can use digital renminbi payments, in the “bird’s nest” layer of the audience, the audience area on the second floor reception area reception and five layer audience area the reception desk is equipped with four figures, the audience can understand the basic knowledge of the digital currency, and experience the digital yuan efficient, convenient and safe.At the digital RMB service desk at the National Stadium, bank of China employees are explaining how to use the digital RMB to foreign friends who come to inquire about it.From the five-color bracelet wallet to the smart electronic card wallet, from the Year of the Tiger zodiac wallet to the key pendant wallet, these wallets are all digital RMB hardware wallet.The winter Olympic-themed digital YUAN wallet issued by the Bank of China is the first to be officially available to the public.Compared with the soft wallet that only needs a mobile phone number to open, the digital RMB hard wallet is simple and convenient to open and use.Consumers can easily obtain and open digital RMB wallets through bank of China branches, hard-wallet self-service machines, designated hotels and other channels.Overseas visitors to China can apply for a hard wallet according to their own needs, or they can download the DIGITAL RMB app and directly register with their overseas mobile phone number and open an anonymous four-category wallet. They can easily exchange digital RMB with physical currency or foreign card and enjoy the convenience of China mobile payment.During the Winter Olympics, the hardware wallets purchased by consumers can also be used on other pilot occasions.Users who have downloaded the DIGITAL RMB App can easily “paste” their wallets if they have bought a hard wallet for the Winter Olympics. This function can “connect” the wallets between hard and soft wallets, and users can manage the hardware wallet on their mobile phones to make the hardware wallet more secure.Specifically, “Tieyitiao” can read the device loaded with digital RMB hardware wallet. After opening the NFC function of the phone, the hardware wallet and the NFC area of the phone are kept close, and the phone App can read the information of the hardware wallet.After “Tieyi Tieyi”, the digital RMB App can be used to set the payment password, recharge and redeem, and query the balance and transaction details of the hardware wallet.”I bought a hard winter Olympics wallet and wanted to keep it as a souvenir.After I bought a bottle of water, I transferred the money left in my hard wallet back to my mobile phone, which was quite convenient.””Said one consumer.