The number of new confirmed cases in Hong Kong has exceeded 1,000 for several days, and three mainland cities have reported cases related to Hong Kong

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The situation in Hong Kong remains grim as the fifth wave of COVID-19 continues, with more than 1,000 new cases being confirmed in a single day.According to CCTV news, the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government announced this afternoon that there were 1,619 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Hong Kong as of midnight today, all of which were local cases.So far, Hong Kong has had 26,670 confirmed cases of COVID-19.Carrie Lam:Unplanned large-scale city “seal” the Hong Kong SAR government communique released today, this morning, the Hong Kong special administrative region chief executive secretary month moths, said “the fifth wave is very serious in Hong Kong, in a single confirmed case is about ten days before the is on the same day, about 300 cases of February 5, rose last week days are more than 1000, more than 2000 cases of yesterday.”The scale and speed of this community outbreak has exceeded our ability to test, isolate and treat almost every link in the ‘chain.'”According to Hong Kong’s Dagong Wenhui, Lam stressed that the government has no plans to shut down the city on a large scale, and will adhere to the “dynamic clearance”, and reiterated that “surrender to the virus” is not an option.Lam urged the public to remain confident, fully cooperate with the SAR government’s anti-epidemic measures, reduce travel, pay attention to personal hygiene, protect themselves, avoid infection and get vaccinated as soon as possible.Hong Kong’s “Fire Eye Laboratory” officially opened at midnight today.According to Hu Dingxu, chairman of BGI Huasheng Diagnostic Center, the “Fireeye laboratory” can do 100,000 single tests a day, using a 3-in-1 mixed sample testing mode, and can process 300,000 samples a day.Using the 5 in 1 mixed sample testing mode, it can process 500,000 samples per day, which can greatly increase the detection volume in Hong Kong.Photo source:Shenzhen satellite TV deep depending on the mainland news appeared 3 city hong kong-related cases in Beijing, according to the Beijing WeiJianWei February 14 to 24, Beijing new confirmed cases, 1 case outside the input from Hong Kong, China, February 13 arrived at Beijing capital airport, nucleic acid testing results on the same day report to positive, February 14 to fixed-point hospital, subsequently diagnosed with confirmed cases,Clinical classification was mild.Chenzhou, Hunan On February 15, two confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported in Chenzhou from Hong Kong returning to Hunan. They have been transferred to designated hospitals for isolation and treatment in a closed loop.The two confirmed cases, Surnamed Xiao and Deng Kang, entered The country from Hong Kong early on February 14 and then drove to Zhuhai, Guangdong.Up to 10 o ‘clock on February 15, Chenzhou has identified 842 close contacts and key groups, and designated key areas according to xiao and Deng kang’s activity track and implemented control measures.Shenzhen, Guangdong – Shenzhen reported a confirmed case of a Hong Kong cross-border truck driver on February 12.At present, Shenzhen CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention has completed the novel Coronavirus genome sequencing of this case, which is the Omicron variant (BA.2 evolutionary branch).The virus sequence of this case was 100% homologous with that of the Virus genome of the Hong Kong case.On February 14, another 12 Hong Kong cross-border truck drivers tested positive for nucleic acid at shenzhen port.Since February 4, 35 positive cases of Hong Kong cross-border drivers have been detected at shenzhen port.Beijing Daily (ID: Beijing_Daily) integrated CCTV news client, Hong Kong Dagong Wenhui all-media Hong Kong Orange News, Hong Kong SAR government news bulletin, Shenzhen SATELLITE TV deep Vision news, Health Beijing, Chenzhou, Shenzhen