Jin Baozhai De Jin calligraphy: regular script to create two ancient poetry

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Drama Gift: Zhang Di’s Book of Five Cars was written by Wang Wei, a poet in the Tang Dynasty.The full text of his ancient poems is as follows: Zhang Di lived in seclusion while reading books.Dye Han over grass sage, compose poems light zi Xu.He lived in seclusion for more than ten years.Wan is a wild man, when from the father fishing.Autumn wind from the desolate, five high and thin willow.I hope this world, crossed the water to my cottage.Age yan hand in hand, should only jun and to.Jiangkui (Song Dynasty) The left famous capital of Huaihe River, the best place in the west of Zhu, shaoan in the beginning.Spring breeze ten miles, do camelina green.After huma peeping into the river, waste pond trees, still hate speech soldiers.Dusk, qingjiao blowing cold, are in the empty city.Du Lang Jun admire, calculate now heavy to must be surprised.Vertical cardamom word workers, brothel dream is good, difficult to deep feeling.The twenty-four Bridge is still standing, the heart is swinging, the moon is silent.Read red medicine by the bridge, know every year for who?