Do you like the old boys in the picture?

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Several starred in TV series in the name of the people’s photo this is starring role “in the name of the people” in several television picture, we “zhao east and director of the” with “good higher education secretary” “Ding Yizhen butyl vice mayor” “oil and gas group chairman xin-jian liu” CAI “wind group success”, the corrupt officials cool party, since these old boys playing cool but also quite lovely!Hai-feng ding wenguang xu sun high and scholar zhang zhijian xilin zhang hai-feng ding played with Brenda wu song as the lotus of pan gold still in CCTV, “zhao east and director” hai-feng ding classic plays in the TV series “the water margin” wu song that really is a generation of classic, let people remember the tough guy hai-feng ding, he also often played some han positive character’s image;”Oil and gas Group chairman Liu Xinjian” Gao Yalin that is also very early famous, then and Song Dandan a sitcom “Home with Children” can be said to be popular all over the country, but also red Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi two child stars!”Gao Yuliang secretary” Zhang Zhijian yi zhengyi evil face, for him to add a lot of drama road, with Xu Monk Wenzhengrong starring “stinger” in the Kuomintang intelligence bureau Shanghai station master Yu Shenglong can be said to be very wonderful, “in the name of the people” Gao Yuliang secretary is also deep do not show incisively and vividly;Zhang Xilin is also an old actor, who often plays some small characters but is well portrayed and loved by people.”Ding Yizhen Ding vice Mayor” Xu Wenguang is in many classic movies and TV plays, but also left a lot of classic characters, “Legend of Chu and Han” in Zhao Gao, “New Three Kingdoms” in Yuan Shao, “In the Name of the People” ding Yizhen have left a deep impression on people!Wenguang xu xiang shan Ye Zhenghong as stills, vice President of weeks but not play after the revolution of melody dramas “the fragrant hill Ye Zhenghong,” wenguang xu also play the role of the image of our beloved premier zhou, once was the collective make fun of people, removing the appearance is a far cry from outside, didn’t put the essence and verve, vice President of zhou enlai, makes a person feel disappointed,Of course, this is xu Wenguang’s few interpretation of premier Zhou’s image, perhaps later slowly will be recognized by people!Sun toward republican yuan shikai still we also see in the photos in the name of the people’s “cast away the sun teacher, he is a famous old artist, appeared in numerous classic films, he for us in the” towards the republic the lean of the republic of China yuan shikai, image can say so far no one can and, too realistic is too wonderful!He and Wu Xiubo starred in the Orphan of Zhao tu An Jia character image can be said to be a generation of classic, incisively and vividly portrayed people admire!These old boys get together, get together is also childlike good cool good happy, let people appreciate the screen star life style!And who are the other people in this photo?Can you see that?Do you like the old boys?Welcome to share!