Blame the Chinese for Japan’s rising beef rice prices?Japanese media discovered something was wrong: they couldn’t beat China

2022-05-16 0 By

According to the Global Times, a Japanese blog post went viral on the Internet recently. The article blamed Chinese people’s eating habits for raising the price of beef covered rice, and even said, “Chinese people will eat up all the beef in the world.”In view of this phenomenon, a Japanese meat wholesaler said: recently, Japan’s large beef rice chain three giants (Matsuya, Food, Yoshinoya) have announced price increases, not only so the price of beef tongue in the catering industry has been widely concerned by the outside world.Faced with the phenomenon of rising food prices, Japanese people naturally blame China, believing that the occurrence of this phenomenon is caused by the Chinese people’s overeating of beef.Japanese beef over rice prices but blame the Chinese for the Japanese beef over rice prices but strange behavior of the Chinese people, really have to say that Japan is good to find their own steps, it is well known that Chinese table is generally based on pork is given priority to, because in recent years, China’s rapid economic development, people’s living standard has very high, the diversity of diet leads to higher demand for beef.The surge in Chinese beef imports has inevitably had an impact on other countries, including Japan.As early as last year, the price of Japanese beef covered rice in the market increased one after another. In Japan, beef covered rice is a popular and affordable fast food, and the price increase repeatedly made the Japanese people feel a huge impact, but in addition to Japan, the United States and Argentina and other big beef consumers have also been greatly affected.Japanese media noticed something was wrong:Don’t win the Chinese beef over rice using ingredients ox tongue flowers and ox tongue is Japan’s demand that it only originally, but over rice with beef chain to enter the Chinese market, the delicacy is discovered by Chinese people after it is changed, the amount of beef in the world every year in China to Japan first, imports up to 2.12 million tonnes in 2020,It is more than double that of 2017.Therefore, in the future, the beef battle between China and Japan will only become more intense!Japan’s beef food self-sufficiency rate is only 40%, and more than half of its demand depends on imports. The price of imports ultimately depends on the purchasing power of the country. In the words of Japanese experts, Japan cannot win China at all!Sharp, Japan’s difficulties of current Japanese internal crisis over Japan’s economy has not improved, the accelerated depreciation, it’s not good for Japan imports in the future situation, Japanese international status is also gradually decline, the Japanese people worry about “cheap and delicious beef over rice will slowly eat less than doubts will likely come true.Japanese citizens may no longer be able to afford even the cheapest beef covered rice and beef tongue.Part of the news reference source: huanqiu net.