A woman who has been a CCTV spy for 20 years has been caught in a slip of the tongue and revealed her identity

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The status of CCTV host is a job that many people envy. The hosts who have worked in CCTV not only have a high degree, but also have a bright appearance.A lot of learning broadcasting and hosting professional workers, all try their best to enter CCTV, do a CCTV host.FIG. 1 There was once a female CCTV host. She was of Chinese origin and grew up abroad. She once made unimaginable efforts and sweat in order to become a Chinese host.It has provided a lot of information on China’s economic trends and related information to the US side.But fortunately, due to the female host in THE CCTV speech and behavior, frequent errors, attracted the attention of major netizens.In the end, she was punished by law for betraying her country, and now she lives a miserable life.At this point, perhaps everyone’s heart will feel very curious, who is this person?What efforts did she make to stay at CCTV?What had happened to this woman to make such a foolish decision, and didn’t she have any affection for her mother?Before we get to that, let’s take a look at the price this woman paid for her actions.The heroine we are going to talk about today is Cheng Lei, an Australian CCTV anchorwoman. She has done a lot of things that hurt our national interests, and her remarks have also caused a very negative impact on our country.After continuous investigation and review by relevant departments, Cheng Lei was finally charged with providing foreign state secrets. Therefore, after February 5, 2021, Cheng Lei’s hands were handcuffed and her feet were shackled, and she lost her freedom and her former patron.In the face of all this, Cheng Lei had to die in prison to spend the rest of his life.Cheng Lei was born in shaoyang, Hunan province in 1975, although the living conditions of the family is not as good as others, but Cheng Lei is the apple of her parents’ eyes, very pet Cheng Lei, containing in the mouth afraid of melting, holding in the palm of the heart, afraid of falling.Although the living conditions at home are ordinary, in order to make their daughter receive a better education, parents not only spend a high price for her to hire a separate tutor, specialized in charge of Cheng Lei’s homework.Cheng lei’s parents did not want to be a step behind others when it came to hobbies. They saved money to buy a grand piano for their daughter and enrolled her in a dance class to improve her temperament.Later, seeing that her daughter was very interested in painting, her parents enrolled her in a painting class.Figure 3 have to say that parents thoughts we are understand, they just hope their children in the future will have ambition, have as, of course, ChengLei parents are willing to spend so much money and effort to cultivate their own daughter, does not want his daughter can become the pride of the old couple, they make a difference.Later, when Cheng Lei was ten years old, her parents looked at the children of other families to study abroad, and they were not willing to lag behind, so in order to give their daughter the opportunity to study abroad and tuition fees, they lost all their money, sold all the family property, took their daughter to Australia.Cheng Lei a family of three to a strange place for the first time, do anything is very careful, but they did not think of is, even if they are careful, foreigners to them to cast very strange eyes, a person was uncomfortable.Cheng lei’s parents had to work several odd jobs every day to make ends meet and scrape together enough money for their daughter’s school fees.At that time, Cheng Lei only more than ten years old, what also do not understand, do not know what is called hometown complex.In this way, as the continuous passage of time, Cheng Lei gradually forgot the place where he lived in his childhood, a lot of habits on her body also produced great changes.At home because parents are busy making money every day, rarely mention the topic of hometown with their daughter, perhaps this is the important reason cheng Lei embarked on this wrong path.After Cheng Lei started her study, she took every step very carefully, because in Australia, students like Cheng Lei were looked down upon by the local students.But Cheng Lei’s performance surprised them, because Cheng Lei’s oral English is not only very standard, even the academic performance is also very good, so Cheng Lei has been praised by many teachers.Later, she was admitted to Queensland Business School with excellent results.I have to say, this news makes their family very happy, because their efforts have not been in vain, the daughter’s admission letter, is the best reward for parents.After graduating from college, Cheng Lei became an accountant, but she was not very satisfied with the present situation, because she wanted to be a TV host or a reporter.When father learned that her daughter’s idea, he said to her daughter: “if you want to do a reporter or a TV host, you can only come back to China, because you are Chinese, Australian TV is won’t make you here, so you still bother, because once you return home means very hard to start again.Figure 5 After hearing these words, Cheng Lei did not give up, she just wanted to become a host.But because of the difficulties in front of cheng Lei had to temporarily shelve this idea, in their current company to work well.At that time, Cheng Lei worked in the world’s largest candy company, won the appreciation of the leadership, but who knows that before long, Cheng Lei chose to job-hop to an oil and gas company, so, Cheng Lei dedicated his six years of youth to the two companies.I thought That Cheng Lei would develop into an excellent senior accountant, but she did not. In 2000, she chose to change jobs again.It was this job-hopping that brought her back to her hometown and back to China.At that time, she chose this company, a logistics company in Australia, which sent Cheng Lei on a business trip to China.After returning to China, she has been looking for opportunities and ways to enter the TV station, but she did not get the opportunity to work in the TV station because she knew too few people in China.In addition, the most important point is that Cheng Lei is not broadcast host training, therefore, many TV stations dare not hire her.One day just cheng Lei at home thinking about how to practice their mandarin?How do I get an offer from a TV station?She flicked through the newspaper a little irritably.Have to say, fate is so wonderful, at that time Cheng Lei just saw a TV station is hiring the host, and their requirement is to be able to speak fluent English.This was a golden opportunity for Cheng Lei, so she immediately went to this TV station for an interview. Fortunately, she succeeded in staying in this TV station.To the host at the time of entering television, ChengLei was very steady, often help the other host’s boy, finishing materials, very modest, have to say that ChengLei doing the respect is very talented, not just and with her very hard, so ChengLei only for one year time, get the television leadership recognition and acceptance.Cheng lei’s life has been on a roll since 2002, when she joined CCTV and won praise from many viewers for her years of work experience and fluent English.At the time, Cheng Lei had her own channels such as Business Review.In 2003, ChengLei once again left the CCTV, moved to the us consumer news and business channel points in Singapore, have to say that efforts to ChengLei are very strange, it is CCTV host live to jump ship, in fact, she just want to get more information, who is angry.Later, in 2004, she returned to Shanghai to work as CNBC’s China correspondent and host the China Business Newsletter.So, in the next four years, Cheng Lei worked in Shanghai for four years without changing her job or doing anything out of line.In 2008, cheng lei won a bronze medal at the New York TV Festival for writing an article about the Olympics, and then she became famous.In fact, at that time we all think that all this is the result of Cheng Lei’s efforts, but we do not know that this is actually a trap, Australia is to cheng Lei’s support enough red, only in this way, it is possible to access some more confidential documents.This is really infuriating.In 2012, She returned to CCTV as an English news anchor.It has to be said that With the help of CCTV, Cheng Lei interviewed a lot of big names in business and politics, such as Bill Gates and many American officials.In addition, Lei has won numerous honors and hosted many important events.For example, she not only hosted the Australia-China Business Awards, but also hosted the World Internet Conference and other activities. In the activities, Cheng Lei was confident and sunny, and implemented every detail in the activities.In this way, Cheng Lei became a well-known figure through her excellent performance in several activities. In 2014, Cheng Lei was awarded the title of “Global Alumni Ambassador” in Australia, which played a very important role in promoting education in both places.Have to say, it is these vanity things, let Cheng Lei gradually lost himself.In fact, after careful observation, the reason why Cheng Lei was able to win these awards and events is closely related to Australia.As Cheng Lei became more and more famous, she was not as cautious as before about what she did and said.Sometimes On the show, Cheng Lei always says crazy things.Once in the process of interview, Cheng Lei said that the mouth leaked, so also exposed, attracted the attention of a lot of foreigners.”The United States and Australia have grasped the dynamics of our economic development,” Cheng lei said in a program.Have to say, Cheng Lei said this sentence, it attracted the attention of the people, at the same time our investigation team also began to secretly investigate cheng Lei action.However, in 2020, when the wuhan epidemic broke out, the Chinese people became volunteers to fight against the novel coronavirus. We all worked as one and united as one.FIG. 9 However, at this time, some people always made some false remarks on the network micro-blog, and the content was like:Nine million people were locked up in a ghost town for a month, doctors and nurses were told there was no risk of human-to-human infection, so many people died from infection, not only were there no defenses, there were not enough supplies, and the morgues were littered with cell phones.I have to say, these words are nonsense, it is deliberately disturbing social order, during the epidemic, our country has sufficient supplies, epidemic prevention measures are very in place.As a result, the remarks soon attracted the attention and attention of netizens.So through continuous investigation, it was found that the person who registered this microblog account was Cheng Lei, a famous HOST of CCTV, which was really infuriating.Finally, based on the evidence collected by our investigation team, they were detained in December 2020, and finally received corresponding punishment, which was very tragic.Have to say, cheng Lei’s behavior is very angry, clearly can rely on their own efforts, for their own a piece of heaven and earth, but she has chosen to betray the motherland, to get all this, to meet their vanity.At the same time, Cheng Lei’s life is also tragic, she failed to live up to her parents from childhood, but also failed to live up to the efforts of the youth, now she can only spend time in prison.Maybe Cheng Lei left China when she was young and her parents seldom mentioned her home country, so she didn’t have any attachment to China. However, as the saying goes, “If you don’t love me, please don’t hurt me”.Because in any case, her body flow is the blood of the Chinese children.Therefore, no matter where we go later, although the heart should have heaven and earth, but we always can’t forget our mother country, because, no matter at any time, for the wanderer of foreign land, the motherland is always the most powerful backing.