2. Watergate Bridge: It is the bravest men who survive that bring prosperity and peace

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Just finished watching “Watergate Bridge”, two and a half hours of watching the film, has been the state of tears, the next four seats are also continuous sobbing.In order not to give away too much of the plot, a few poignant details.On the way to the Watergate Bridge, 7th Company met the artillery battalion.Thousands of miles with battalion commander greetings, the other party asked a lei Gong?Thousands of miles suddenly silent.The first execution of the bombing bridge mission, sharpshooter Flat river with Wanli said, your brother hundred because of my death.Wan Li answered, “Bai Li is my brother, you are my brother, and all the soldiers of the seventh company are my brother.After the warlike operation, the company commander and instructor stood at the front of the line, saluting toward the distant sunset.Over the towering snow mountains, is the border of the motherland.The soldiers gently shouted, long live new China!The wife said goodbye to the instructor, sending dozens of miles all the way, but there was a parting.Jiangnan bamboo forest, lush and picturesque, the wife tightly embrace her husband, said, must come back alive.The instructor, driving an armoured car full of explosives, dives down into the enemy’s position with a half-picture of her daughter in his mouth. When the armoured car explodes, the picture flies out and the daughter’s smiling face fills the screen.Before dying from the army, Yu saluted his comrades from afar. Farewell, brothers of the seventh Company.Then run away from the direction of the team, such as Thunder, in the flames of death.Among the soldiers who sacrificed their lives, there were several named Chungeng, Youtian and farming. They should all be children of farmers.The purpose of the war was to protect the land they had just been allotted.After the cooling of the smoke, there was still a red scarf on the battlefield fluttering in the wind, a dazzling red in the snow field, symbolizing the blood of the soldiers, but also implied endless hope.At the last roll call, the ranks were reduced from 135 to 31, and 152 to 32, all with heavy casualties.There was only one man left in the ranks of the seventh company. “Report, the seventh company should be one hundred and fifty-seven men, but there was one!”The corps commander asked Wanli, do you have any wishes?Wan Li replied, “I demand the restoration of the seventh company system.”Designation in, seven people will always be in.At the beginning of the first part, Wu Qian li returns home with the ashes of his eldest brother, Bai Li.The second part of the end, Wu Wanli holding the ashes of the second brother Thousands of miles home.Jiangnan water town, another solemn solemn, the boy finally grew into a real soldier.Mrs. Lee said she couldn’t bear to see it because her tears were too shallow, so I went to see it alone.Out of the cinema, as if in another world, on the first day of the New Year, the street festival atmosphere is rich, but the eyes keep flashing the tragic and tragic in the snow.It was more than 70 years ago that the bravest of these men died uneventfully that led to today’s prosperity and peace.After capturing the American airfield, Yu Congrong pointed to a burning helicopter and said to the company commander, ‘This plane can go straight up and down. I wonder when we will have such a good thing.’The company commander said it would happen.This is the time of your dreams.The author of this article is Li Yichu.