Wheelbase 2850mm, with 5 seats, 7 seats, 8 seats, 44,100 wuling Hongguang V?

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about microsurfaces?As far as I am concerned, the most intuitive feeling for microplane models is poor comfort, but the same microplane with “cheap”, “can be installed” characteristics are also very popular with some users.And today I want to talk to you is the micro model, it is Wuling Hongguang V.Wuling Hongguang V as a relatively large market holding microsurface, its official guide price is 44,100 to 54,500, and today let’s talk about the guide price is 44,100 2020 1.2L power version VI LSI Wuling Hongguang V this car, see what kind of performance it has.First of all, from the aspect of appearance, Because Wuling Hongguang V adopts the front engine design, its independent engine compartment will have a buffer zone in case of collision, which is very helpful for the improvement of safety.At the design level, the front face adopts wuling’s family design language. The hexagonal air intake grille uses black plastic middle net, which is connected with the regular headlights and runs through the whole front face, helping to stretch the visual width of the front face to a certain extent.On the side of the body, Wuling Hongguang V adopts the side sliding door design, which is common in microplane models. The advantage is that the opening is large, the loading and unloading are convenient, and the space requirements for the door opening are low. Of course, the disadvantage is that the opening and closing are more difficult.In order to reduce the cost, Wuling Hongguang V also uses steel wheels.Both front and rear tyres are 165R14lt and are fitted with full size spare tyres.Tail shape is very simple, vertical layout of the taillight size is large, identification and warning effect is good, in addition, the tail of the use of a black guard board through the rear of the car, to help shape the sense of layering.Come to the car, the whole interior is mainly dark color collocation, at the same time in the material application is also the application of cheap hard plastic material.This is in line with the level of microcars at this price point.The central console adopts symmetrical design, the distribution of each functional area is clear and easy to operate.In addition, the layering of the console is still very good.In terms of configuration, wuling macro light V as a low-end tool, especially for 2020 polo version of the 1.2 L VI LSI wuling macro light V, is equipped with the most basic configuration, in the process of daily use in the security configuration, equipped with anti-lock brakes, brake force distribution, remind function such as tire pressure, the co-pilot are equipped with air bags.The biggest feature of microplane models is high space utilization, 2020 1.2L power version VI LSI Wuling Hongguang V its body length, width and height is only 4425/1670/1860mm, but the structure of the front and rear short suspension makes this car has the 2850mm body wheelbase, the data performance of the wheelbase has reached the level of B-class cars.Moreover, the seats of Wuling Hongguang V can be folded and inverted, which is very practical. In addition, this car provides 2+3 five-seat version, 2+2+3 7-seat version, and 2+3+3 8-seat version. Users can choose according to their own car needs.The power part of the 2020 1.2-L LSI Wuling Hongguang V is equipped with a 1.2-L displacement self-priming engine, which is matched with a 5-speed manual transmission.The powertrain has a maximum power of 76 HP and a peak torque of 110N•m.For many people, this power is obviously not high, but because this car is front-rear drive design, plus this is a manual gear tool car, daily use is enough.In the chassis part, Wuling Hongguang V uses the former McPherson type independent suspension, the rear leaf spring is not independent suspension, there is nothing to say about the front suspension, and the focus is on the rear suspension.Leaf spring non-independent suspension belongs to the low-end suspension type with lower cost. Although it is cheap, it also has its advantages, such as small space occupation, simple structure and low maintenance cost, and stronger bearing capacity.Of course, the disadvantages are also obvious, the most obvious is poor comfort, but also no sense of control.Conclusion: From the performance of the 2020 1.2L drive VI LSI WULing Hongguang V, the main highlights are cheap, large space, strong practicality, of course, the disadvantages are also obvious, poor comfort, low configuration.And considering that this car is a “tool car”, naturally and our daily family car, SUV or MPV models have different product characteristics.So what do you think of this car?Welcome to leave a message in the comments section below!