The second half of new Urbanization: Qingdao

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■ Cultivate and develop Qingdao Metropolitan area: It will build the main axis of Land and sea development of Qingdao, the Coastal development axis of Qingwei and Japan, and the comprehensive development axis of Qingyan ■ Optimize the comprehensive transportation hub system:Push forward the “94521” project, focus on the construction of 16 transportation infrastructure projects to push the new urbanization development into the fast lane, shift gears and improve quality.According to the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Office of Qingdao New Urbanization Leading Group recently issued a Notice on printing and Distributing key Points of Work on New Urbanization and Urban-rural integration in Qingdao in 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the Notice), clarifying key tasks of the city’s new urbanization and urban-rural integration in 2022.”From the perspective of economic development, structural change is the most important source of growth momentum, and new urbanization is the most concentrated manifestation of urban and rural structural change.”As a powerful engine for urbanization’s sustainable and healthy economic development, experts have said so.In 2016, the urbanization level of Qingdao exceeded 70% for the first time, entering the mature stage of urbanization in the middle and later stages.In 2021, the urbanization rate of Qingdao’s permanent population will reach 77.17 percent, 0.83 percentage points higher than at the end of the previous year.Enter “second half” of urbanization, how to break through the inherent barriers, more assertive resources more effectively, further improve the urban level, optimizing the urban space layout, in the process of urbanization development of higher quality fully excavate potential huge domestic demand and strong development momentum, the development of high quality for the city under a ride to activate the power, this is Qingdao must answer.Qingdao new urbanization shift to improve the quality of agricultural transfer of population urbanization of low quality to expand the range can be settled in property rights houses, towns with legal property rights in our city housing staff or close relatives with legal property rights houses for its personnel, may apply for himself and his close relatives in the property rights houses in low flow into the township home settled in channel,Has right to use rural homestead and so on basic life become urban residents personnel, an ancestral home, often live to account back to origin configuration in accordance with the permanent population scale public services, safeguard trailing children migrant workers equal access to compulsory education, to recruit migrant children in low, with emphasis on the new generation of migrant workers, to promote ginseng on covering,Promoting the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees the eastern region as a whole the layout optimization of urban development and strengthen the headquarters economy, modern finance, science and technology innovation, business services, cultural exchanges, and other functions, speed up the south and north district on the west coast, have, laoshan connotative development and giving full play to the advantages of the superposition of multiple platforms, strengthen the shipping trade, lingang economic, advanced manufacturing, cultural creativity, and other functions,● The northern region, strengthen the functions of logistics trade, airport economy, science and technology incubation, international exhibition and other functions, guide the advanced manufacturing industry to gather in groups to the north in an orderly manner, enhance the industrial and population bearing capacity of Chengyang, Gimo and Jiaozhou ● Promote pingdu and Laixi to be built into comprehensive node cities.Forming a new pattern of coordinated development focusing on improving the quality of citizenization of rural migrant population New urbanization “new” is people-centered and “new” is people-centered urbanization.How to solve the problem of good people?Granting urban residency to rural migrant workers is the primary task of the new urbanization.To achieve this goal, efforts should be made to improve the quality of citizenization of the migrant agricultural population and promote the integration of permanent residents who are able to live and work steadily in cities and towns.The channels for granting urban residency to families who have moved from rural areas to urban areas have been expanded.In 2021, Qingdao will further promote a new round of household registration system reform, innovate stable employment and residence in urban areas, provide policy support for migrant workers to settle down and family migration, and handle over 100,000 people to settle down outside the city.We will ensure that migrants can move in, live in and find jobs or start businesses.In the first 11 months of 2021, 366,100 new urban jobs were created in Qingdao, including 88,300 transferred rural labor.4076 people returned to their hometowns to start their own businesses with municipal policy support;A total of 14.77 billion yuan was paid to 2.3 million migrant workers.Qingdao has also set up an incentive fund for citizenization of the migrant agricultural population, which will be allocated 89 million yuan by the Municipal Finance Bureau in 2021 to support the districts and cities in strengthening the supply of basic public services for the migrant agricultural population, enhancing the supply capacity of communities, and strengthening the operation and maintenance of urban infrastructure.At present, there are still some problems in Qingdao, such as high system threshold of free flow of population between urban and rural areas, weak capacity of urban population gathering, and few channels for talents to enter the countryside.In order to make new citizens “settle down and settle down”, the notice has made deployment on improving the citizenization quality of the migrant agricultural population in Qingdao in 2022.In accordance with the requirements of the Notice, In terms of household registration, Qingdao will fully relax the restrictions on urban settlement, abolish the restrictions on the age of settlement and the number of years for paying social security for talents, relax the standards for educational talents to full-time technical secondary school (including graduates from technical colleges and vocational colleges), and relax the standards for technical talents to primary level.To expand the scope of houses with property rights, people who have houses with legal property rights in the cities and towns of The city or their close relatives who have houses with legal property rights for their residence can apply for the residence of themselves and their close relatives in houses with property rights;Smooth channels for settling down in rural areas;Urban residents who have the right to use rural housing land and other basic living conditions and go back to their original places of residence for regular residence may have their hukou transferred back to their original places of residence.In terms of basic urban public services, Qingdao will allocate public services according to the size of its permanent population, guarantee equal access to compulsory education for children of migrant workers living with them, and do a good job in enrollment and enrollment of children of migrant workers in kindergartens.We will expand insurance coverage to include the new generation of migrant workers.We will promote national pooling of basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees.We will implement a mechanism for determining pension benefits and adjusting basic pensions.We will implement a list of medical insurance benefits and improve the medical insurance system.A pilot project has been launched to establish cross-provincial direct settlement of expenses related to chronic disease treatment in outpatient clinics.At the same time, strengthen the agricultural transfer of population employment services and skills training, stabilize and expand the rural migrant workers in jobs, Qingdao will organize recruitment county 100 migrant workers, published 100000 employment posts, more than 100000 to carry out all kinds of vocational skills training, the vocational colleges and universities around the city’s key industries and in urgent need of type of work to carry out the social training, etc.We will improve supporting policies for granting permanent residency to rural migrant workers.Qingdao will also promote a series of reforms to establish a link between fiscal transfer payments and the citizenization of rural migrant population, and take permanent residents, including those with residence permits, as an important basis for the allocation of transfer payment funds.We will improve the mechanism for linking the increase in land used for urban development with the number of rural residents who have moved to urban areas to become urban residents.Urban agglomeration and metropolitan area are the main form of new urbanization.Central cities and urban agglomerations have never been the main spatial forms carrying development factors as they are today, and the agglomeration of economy and population towards big cities and urban agglomerations has never been so obvious as it is today.According to the statistics released by the National Bureau of Statistics, Qingdao’s urbanization rate of 76.34 percent only ranks 35th in China.As a core indicator to measure urbanization, this means that the carrying capacity and radiation force of Qingdao as a central city are not strong enough, and the allocation efficiency of factor resources needs to be improved.When the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) laid out the key tasks of new urbanization and integrated urban and rural development for 2022, it called for coordinated development of large, medium and small cities by relying on city clusters and metropolitan areas, especially the development of megacities and county towns.To upgrade Qingdao as a central city, the notice Outlines a blueprint for optimizing the spatial layout of urbanization and fostering and developing Qingdao metropolitan area.Qingdao will build the main axis of Land and sea development of Jinan and Qingdao, the Coastal development axis of Qingwei and Japan, and the comprehensive development axis of Qingdao and Tobacco. It will build the Port and airport industrial belt of Qingwei, the Ocean Economic Belt of Qingrui and the Advanced manufacturing industrial belt of Qingyanwei, and promote the integrated development of Qingdao, Weifang, Rizhao and Yantai Haiyang, Laiyang and Rushan.In order to enhance the radiation power of the metropolitan area through the integration of adjacent regions, Qingdao will support the integrated development of Laixi-Laiyang integrated development pilot Zone, Jiaozhou-Gaomei airport and port Cooperation Zone, Pingdu-Changyi-Laizhou Green Chemical Industry linkage zone, Huangdao-Wulian port industry linkage zone, Haiyang-Laiyang-Gimo Marine industry linkage zone and other regional integration development zones.We will move faster to connect Qingdao’s central urban area with haiyang and other surrounding areas by rail.We will jointly build urban trading platforms for land resources, scientific and technological achievements, intellectual property rights, energy conservation and emission reduction.”Guided by the bay, grouped layout, blue and green integration, and network support”, the Notice further clarified the direction of Qingdao’s urban development layout optimization: eastern region, strengthen the functions of headquarters economy, modern finance, scientific and technological innovation, business services, cultural exchanges and other functions, accelerate the conserved development of the south, north, Licang, laoshan;The West Coast New District will give full play to the advantages of multiple platforms, strengthen the functions of shipping trade, port economy, advanced manufacturing, cultural creativity and other functions, and fully show the characteristics of the national new district.In the northern region, strengthen the functions of logistics trade, airport economy, science and technology incubation, international exhibition and other functions, guide the orderly clustering of advanced manufacturing industries to the north, and enhance the industrial and population bearing capacity of Chengyang, Jimo and Jiaozhou.We will promote the development of Pingdu and Laixi into comprehensive node cities and form a new pattern of coordinated development.Counties and new towns with profound development potential are important carriers of new-type urbanization.Depth exploration, put forward a series of Qingdao to the county to import high-quality resources such as finance, infrastructure, guiding county’s characteristic economy development as well as the superior new town node a series of measures, will focus on construction of li3 ge zhuang, jiang shan, south tree name, south village, xinhe, store port development characteristic, such as a new town, to include listing 8 characteristic town at the provincial level to strengthen monitoring and regulation.To optimize the construction of comprehensive transportation hub system, Qingdao also proposed to promote the “94521” project, focusing on the construction of 16 transportation infrastructure projects.In accordance with the unified deployment of the provincial government, construction will begin on the Auxiliary channel railway of high-speed railway from Qingdao to Beijing and Shanghai, and the construction of Weiyan Railway and Lairong Railway will be accelerated.The reconstruction and expansion projects of the middle line of ji-Qing Expressway (weifang – Qingdao section), Mingdong Expressway and Qinglan Expressway (Shuangbu – Hetao section) were promoted, and construction of an express passage from Langu to Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport began.Speed up the construction of seven subway lines under construction, and strive to realize no-load trial operation of Line 4 by the end of 2022.Construction began on four new subway lines.Accelerate the urban public service to the country to cover pushing new urbanization, not only to optimize the urban development concept, build livable appropriate industry city, the people of high quality life space, also want to narrow the gap between urban and rural development and residents’ living standard gap elements in promoting urban and rural two-way flow freely and rational allocation of public resources, under the great effort to reform.According to the circular, the construction of new-type cities will be accelerated to improve the level of urban governance.This year,Qingdao proposed promotes the public service ability, improve the municipal public utility, the convenient service facilities, improve the urban housing security system, to promote urban renewal and reconstruction, enhance the capacity of disaster prevention and mitigation, improving public health prevention treatment ability, wisdom city construction, building a green low carbon city, strengthening the protection of historical and cultural heritage, strengthen management of the urban space and grass-roots social management, etc. 12Key tasks.Promote the updates.Qingdao will promote the construction of 13 urban drainage pipe network and sewage treatment plant projects this year to ensure that the combined rainwater and sewage pipe network “zero.”A total of 200 kilometers of natural gas pipelines were built, and 60 kilometers of old heating and gas pipelines were renovated.We basically completed the renovation of 318 old residential areas, benefiting 92,000 households.10 micro-renewal demonstration areas will be built, and 80 micro-renewal projects will be implemented in urban space.Strong support.Qingdao will improve the housing security system with public rental housing, government-subsidized rental housing and jointly owned housing as the main body.Construction will begin on 1,000 units of public rental housing, and 10,000 households will receive public rental subsidies.We will raise 45,000 units of government-subsidized rental housing and 20,000 units of jointly owned housing (housing for talents with property rights) through construction and other means.We will explore ways to link the right to use homestead with the urban housing security system, and include rural residents without homestead in the urban housing security system.Short board.Qingdao will build, renovate or expand 70 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens.Four urban medical associations and 18 county-level medical associations will be built, with an increase of more than 8,000 seats.We will upgrade the parking lots of government offices and public institutions in an intelligent way, share 200 commercial parking lots online, and launch trials for open and shared parking in residential communities.We will explore the multi-use of comprehensive community service facilities, set up kindergartens, nurseries, elderly service stations, sports and fitness facilities, mini-fire stations, maintenance stations, canteens and public reading Spaces in a coordinated manner, build community hospitals, develop community businesses, and build smart express boxes (mail boxes).Increase non-motor vehicle parking facilities in crowded public places.We will speed up the construction of charging piles and improve the layout of public charging and electricity replacement facilities.Strong governance.Qingdao proposed to promote the construction of “one map” for the city’s territorial space planning and strengthen supervision over the whole implementation process of the planning.We will draw and implement red lines for permanent basic farmland, ecological protection, and urban development boundaries, and coordinate space for agriculture, ecology, and urban development.Strictly implement the ecological protection red line, environmental quality bottom line, resource utilization line and ecological environment access list control requirements, explore the technology path, management mode and application mode of “three lines and one order” coordinated drive to reduce pollution and carbon in Qingdao;Maximize the construction of pocket parks, street green space, slow traffic system and other public space in urban areas.Park city is planned.We will promote the integrated development of industry and department grids, and improve mechanisms such as “community whistling and department reporting”.We will promote integrated urban and rural development.Bear the national urban and rural integration development experimental zone first try first task of Qingdao will promote urban to rural coverage of public service, promote urban infrastructure extends to the rural, promote the coordinated development of urban and rural industry, support cieme, pingdu, lacy exploration will become urban residents farmers land contract right, land use rights, collective income distribution paid out,Explore the market-oriented withdrawal mechanism and supporting policies for farmers’ “three rights”.Source: Qingdao Daily