TOP cartoon list with the highest rating of bean Ban in 21

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1. New Evangelion Theatre Version: The End (Directed by Momassuki, Kazuya Tsurunaki and Hideaki Anno) Emomi Ogata/Emomi Hayihara/Yuko Miyamura/Akira Ishida/Makan Sakamoto starring — Introduction — The world is rebuilt from the ruins after the great disaster “The Second Impact”.Ikari Shinji was called to the third New Tokyo city by his father.Expecting to be greeted by his father, he finds himself confronted by a giant creature called the Apostle.In a desperate situation, Shinji is rescued by NERV spy Agency Mitsuri Takashi, who takes him to NERV headquarters under Ikari Motowatu.But shinji is greeted by his father’s grim command to fight the apostles in a giant humanoid robot called EVA.Shinji, who had already refused, saw ayanami Rei, the injured replacement driver, and decided to follow his father’s order.In this way, Shinji, who had never been trained in combat, was ready to take on the apostle in the EVA Hatsu.The fate of the world is entrusted to a 14-year-old boy, and the “human completion plan” hidden in the “Second Shock” seems to be in action.Point of interest: Nothing to say.Jamie Foxx/Tina Fey/Felicia Rashead/Amir Khalib Thompson — Introduction — Joey Gaona, a jazz-loving middle school music teacher, relentlessly pursues his dreams,Finally got the chance to play at the best jazz club in New York.But a small mistake takes him from the streets of New York to a magical place where he was born.There, souls are trained and will acquire their personality traits and interests before traveling to Earth.Determined to return to life on Earth, Joey meets twenty-two, a precocious soul who has been wandering around for a long time after failing to find her spark.A strange experience, joey and “22” fate implicated each other, the two return to earth, experience a strange and wonderful life journey, and begin to reconstruct their own existence value and meaning of the point of attraction: this is a funny and cry, healing series of works, with soothing power.If you’re as bad as I am, you’ll probably be high-fiving me somewhere in the world by the time you finish watching this cartoon — and yes, it’s okay to do nothing, at least the story consoles us.Major wins: 78th Golden Globe Awards for Best Animated Feature Film;Best Original Score.74th British Academy Film Awards: Best Animated Film;Best original score.48th Annie Awards: Best Animated Feature film;Best Screenplay;Best Soundtrack;Best animation effect.The 92nd National Board of Review Awards for Best Animated Feature film.The 93rd Academy Awards: Best Animated Feature8.73. “Music” Iwai Sawa Kenji directed By Sakamoto Shitaro/Komai Liren/Maeno Tomoya/Kasawa Koto/Heiipaper starring — Introduction — High school Kenji one day on a whim, invited partners Ota and Asakura together to form a band, but the three people know nothing about Musical Instruments.They had a bass band, and then a bass band, and drums, and a very unique configuration.When they hit the first note, they were immediately overwhelmed by a feeling they had never felt before. The music shook them.After that day, they decided to call the band Classical Martial Arts, only to find out that there was already a classical Arts band on campus.The two bands clearly clashed, but after watching each other perform, the sparks of collaboration immediately clicked.So they rub their hands and want to attend the upcoming rock festival…Hook: cold humor and the freedom of individual character design animation form to make the crazy feeling, painting style is very unique, the scene is very beautiful, Musical Instruments and playing very attentively, watercress score: 8.64. The lion young hai-peng sun directed big xin/male/Guo Hao/au/Li Jiasi starring li – profile – yun to a person living in the city.Below chance coincidence, get the encouragement of girl of the same name with him and inspire, make up one’s mind to form lion squad with good friend cat, dog then, want to break reality shackle, fight for oneself.On the way to deliver takeout, he encountered the taunts of the city lion dance team, but he always remembered the words that the master had said, the drums sounded in the heart, the sunlight sprinkled in the cracks of the building, and the boy who danced alone from night to dawn also eventually became a “lion”.At the same time 3 people support each other, stumble all the way, finally create a miracle to achieve a dream.Hotspot: The first half of the dubbing bad, bad rhythm, bad jokes, the second half of the various hot tears, the old husband burst into tears, burning.”Ghost Destroy blade theater version: Infinite train” Waisaki spring male director Hua Jiang Xia Shu/Ghost head Ming Li/Kohiro/Matsuoka Zhen Cheng/Hino Satoshi starring – introduction – in the butterfly house after the end of the study, the carbon to lang and others arrived at the next task of the place “infinite train”.There, over 40 people disappeared in a short period of time.With your beans of the charcoal of lang and good yi, yi help a pedestrian, and the ghost team of the strongest swordsmen “column” one of the fiery column purgatory Apricot Shoulang met.In the infinite train to darkness, they will face the ghosts lurking here: If you are a fan of animation or book, I believe you will be satisfied with this movie.If you’re a pure stranger who doesn’t know anything about GHOSTblade, you’ll miss the first season, but you’ll certainly be impressed by every character in the movie.Main award: Best Animated Film at the 45th Koji Film Award.The 44th Japan Film Academy Award for Best Animation.Douban score: 7.9