Professor Zheng Qiang gave Sima 12 “tigers”, each with its own characteristics

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I wrote an article “Sima Nan exposed Zheng Qiang’s Tiger alliance, who did he bluff?”, netizens “hao teachers, specially made a video, and editing, choose one of the” essence “, the critique, ripped to pieces by my articles, this makes me very honoured and grateful, he pre-production at least more than an hour, too, especially in that sentence, classic, he said: “the 88 – year – old sheep” daruma “and” jump out “……””, a “jump” vividly depicted me, this bad old man actively responded to the call of “opinion leader” —- Sima Nan, participated in the discussion of 12 tigers……Now that the online celebrity teacher Hao has carefully “corrected” the tumbler’s article, the tumbler has to write another “12 Tigers” to show respect for the teacher in response…Are Professor Zheng Qiang and Sima Nan two powerful tigers?”Patriots always know one another!Professor Zheng Qiang and Sima Nan drive together, the tiger out of the mountain!I wish you a successful 2022!”What a great comment!”Know each other.” Isn’t that bullshit?I think I am also patriotic, how can I and they do not “cherish”?I repeatedly think about this problem, and finally found the difference, I love the people of the country is patriotic, let the people get more interests and benefits, is specific patriotic thought, is implemented to the people’s patriotism;And their patriotism is macro patriotism, is general patriotism, is irrelevant concept of patriotism, no wonder these two patriots “cherish” not here to me…Isn’t it absurd to say, “Neck and neck, tigers are coming down”?Of the 500 strong private enterprises in the country, one Sima Nan destroyed lenovo’s brand, and 499 sima Nan were created. China’s private enterprises were wiped out. Where can we ordinary people go to work to support their families?National tax revenue is reduced by 57% in one fell swoop. Where will the money for national infrastructure and defense construction come from?”And drive” can, or don’t go down the mountain, the scenery on the mountain is good!If all the “tigers”, which take private entrepreneurs as “prey”, come down from the mountain, it will not be the “capitalists” like Sima Nan, nor the upper class and the rich class like Professor Zheng Qiang, but the people at the bottom of the class.”Shout patriotic slogan” people, can not solve our food problem, let alone solve our survival problem!One netizen said: “There should be a patriotic person like Sima Nan in front of the overall situation.”Well said!Another said: “China is out of the world’s top 10 tech companies in 2021!Sima Nan, can you give us an analysis?”If private entrepreneurs have problems, they must go through administrative and legal channels. If we continue to do this, it will be the people at the bottom who will suffer.It is true that professor Zheng Qiang, a tiger, and Sima Nan, a scholar, are “tigers”, but they lack “power”. To have the power of the tiger, it is not enough to just talk about patriotism, but to take practical patriotic actions. When the country is in trouble, it is not you and I, nor Sima Nan and Zheng Qiang, who take money, but private enterprises account for the majority.Some netizens said: “Sima Nan is now a capitalist and capable of charity. Let’s donate 500,000 yuan first. The same party he scolded all day also donated 1.2 million yuan.When Yang Yuanqing donated 1 million yuan to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, he said, “Less!So, donate another 500,000 next year, and his followers will soar to 100 million. Then sima Nan, the tiger, will have power!”He can choose from three aspects. The first option is to win the Nobel Prize in physics like Professor Yang Zhenning, which seems difficult.Second, developing 5G technology, as Huawei has done, may also be difficult because it requires a lot of money and researchers.Third, research some core technology competitive in the world, and applied to practice, to bring great benefits to the country.It’s not just a few papers in the Lancet…”The above are netizens’ opinions or suggestions, I will not confirm or deny, using Sima Nan’s famous words: “This is not my opinion, are the views of the Internet.”The first tiger has a weak waist. Professor Zheng Qiang is also a scholar named Sima Nan. Both of them are in good physical condition and have a very high voice, which is sonorous and powerful.It does scare netizens who lack deep thinking and naive college students…04 The Second Tiger:Taking Mr SiMaNa learned that drops listed termination, lenovo kechuang listed after termination, the first time to kill, in the face of lenovo willow without fear, though physically weak, but have qigong base, be courageous and knowledgeable, hand tore lenovo willow, as in the two “tiger” mouth “tooth extraction”, he put his hand into his mouth “tiger”, however,Perhaps the root of the tiger’s “tooth” was too deep, so he tried his best to pull out a tooth, but he did not pull out a tooth. Later, Professor Zhang Jie and Li Su pulled out a tooth behind him, but they did not pull out, but their spirit can be praised…05 the third tiger: tiger falls flat since they have been busy for more than three months without progress, so, they see the good on the close, although did not pull out the tiger’s teeth, but, also was not bitten by the tiger, narrowly escaped danger, so, they finally “tiger falls flat”, this is wise, must praise!Although Sima Nan did not pull out his teeth from the mouth of the “tiger” Willow, he did not give up and always remembered. No matter he talked about the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Evergrande, real estate or anything else, he always beat the lenovo Willow, so he always “eyed”…This is called the “offense as defense” tactic.07 The fifth Tiger:Looking dignified and strong although Mr SiMaNa hand insufficient evidence, some questions also exist serious professional error, like the enterprise operation, and inadequate knowledge of finance and economics, but once he look for the goal, strive to kill, regardless, more not to consider the impact on the society and the consequences, it is “looking dignified and strong”, our country football players lack the spirit of “looking dignified and strong”.It is worth carrying forward…08 The sixth tiger: Sima Nan hand tore lenovo more than three months, the initial fire is very fierce, but then more and more weak, so far no results, this is called the beginning and end, so, “anticlimactic” used on him very exact……09 tiger 7: its investigation into the lenovo surveyed, says Mr SiMaNa probably says more than two months, said later coauthors of the rumor, this belongs to the rumors, Mr SiMaNa this is where the “Smith”, after the matter is known, there is no such thing as “tiger”, “fox” is miserable, because it lost its credibility, no one believed him easily…When Mr. Sima Nan found that a writer made a mistake or a private entrepreneur was punished by a state organ, he would immediately pounce on him like a Wolf and bite him. He was very brave, courageous and fighting…Mr. Sima Nan tore lenovo willow by hand. He never entered the “tiger’s den”, that is, entered Lenovo Group or Lenovo Holding Company for field investigation and research. He just launched a shelling on Lenovo Willow through several sets of open data and hearsay online information.Because he did not “into the tiger’s den” how can “win”?So, he came back empty-handed with nothing…Sima Nan said he admired Chairman MAO most, but he was always at odds with him.Chairman MAO taught us: “No investigation, no right to speak.”And Mr. Sima Nan is always “without investigation, without serious research to speak boldly” and swear…10 of 12 tigers: three into a tiger SiMaNa, professor tenny and Li Su is lenovo’s three, so called “three into a tiger”, seems to be powerful, but the tiger’s teeth sharp enough, because more than three months has been produced no good evidence that lenovo willows guilty, seems to be so, three tigers, into the three “paper tiger”…13 The eleventh Tiger:Mora in SiMaNa hand lenovo willow more than three months, many well-known entrepreneurs, experts and scholars, editors, a professor at the university of all to join the discussion, the vast majority is standing on the national standpoint, to clarify his own point of view, however, Mr SiMaNa from their article selects the most powerful statements to to himself, as he denounce the theoretical basis of willows, so,He used the words of these “celebrities”, just like “adding wings to a tiger” can really play the effect of deceiving the public, but also effective…14 the twelfth tiger: sima Nan hand tore lenovo willow did not succeed, there is no “tiger mouth”, there is no “touch the tail of the tiger”, let associate willow two “tiger”, “tiger mouth rest”, think at the beginning, how miserable these two people?Under SiMaNa and its description of tens of millions of fans, lenovo willows as “sheep into the tiger group”, the two companies head like entered “the deep end”, they almost “huwei and almost fell into despair, because they have met the” tiger Wen Bing “SiMaNa unchanged (nature), and was SiMaNa cling grabbed don’t put more than three months…Sima Nan although the current “Longxiang Tiger step” (majestic and majestic) followed lenovo Willow, but they have entered the mountains, more and more distant……This is “releasing tigers into the mountains” ah!In fact, this is not bad, let entrepreneurs put down their burdens, set their mind at business, develop science and technology, give priority to the real industry, solve more jobs, create more profits and taxes for the country, create more wealth for the people, solve problems in enterprises through laws, correct shortcomings, and move towards healthy development……And Mr. Sima Nan seems to feel “dragon pool tiger empty”…88-year-old Shepherd — Tumbler on Friday, February 4, 2022