Jay Chou takes his pregnant wife for a romantic outing: Happy wife, Hannah quinlivan and baby deer interact skillfully to cover her pregnancy bump

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On April 3, The “King of Heaven” Jay Chou posted a photo of himself and his wife Hannah Quinlivan taking pictures of each other on his social media account, with the caption “Happy wife happy life”.Judging from jay’s straightforward post, he is really happy with his life right now.In jay Chou’s shot, Hannah quinlivan is wearing a ponytail and no makeup. Wearing a mask, she is squatting on the ground, turning her head and interacting with the deer. The picture is harmonious and loving.Suddenly, Hannah Quinlivan has been pregnant for seven months. Compared with the public announcement of her pregnancy, Hannah Quinlivan has almost never shown her baby bump in the middle of her pregnancy. This time is no exception.Next came the handsome photos of Jay Chou taken by Hannah Quinlivan. Jay wore a black suit and took a photo with the deer. His expression was cool and handsome.Judging by jay Chou’s photos, it seems that the couple are enjoying another day out together, taking pictures of each other and expressing their love for each other. I have to say, they are very sweet.Unfortunately, Hathaway and Romeo weren’t in the picture this time.As recently as April 1, Chou’s NFT was stolen, which cost him more than 3 million yuan.Although the theft of NFT made him very sad, but Jay Chou also found a good way to deal with.In the evening, Jay Chou posted a photo of his son Romeo with the caption “Relax with dad”. It seems that romeo can really cure dad!At the end of March, Taiwan media revealed the gender of Quinlivan’s third child, who was officially announced in January that his wife was expecting a daughter.Quinlivan’s agent said, “They are happy to announce it themselves.” However, the couple did not make any response, probably waiting for the birth of the baby to announce.It is worth mentioning that both the gender of the third child and the gender of the third child were revealed by relatives first, so even if Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan did not respond, it is still credible that the third child is a daughter.In fact, no matter whether the third child is a boy or a girl, there is no pressure on Jay and Hannah. After all, the couple already have a “good” child, and the arrival of the third child will only make their family happier.It is reported that quinlivan is due in June, so I wish quinlivan a good pregnancy and a safe birth, and I look forward to hearing their good news.