Inhumanity hurts!The Angle grinder “sliced” into her head…Fire doctors came to the rescue

2022-05-15 0 By

At 8:30 am on April 2, the Changshou District Fire rescue Detachment received a call from a district People’s Hospital, saying that a woman had an Angle grinder stuck in her head, and paramedics could not remove it.At 8:38, changshou district fire rescue detachment detachment peach Blossom fire rescue station rescue personnel arrived at the scene to see that the injured woman’s face blood dc, hand has been holding the Angle grinder, from the scene of the picture, the Angle grinder has “cut into” the injured head.After understanding the situation of the injured and the structure of the Angle mill, the site commander immediately made a rescue plan, using medical scissors to cut the hair near the Angle mill.The rescuers slowly and carefully cut the hair near the Angle mill, and the Angle mill became loose. After 3 minutes, the Angle mill was taken out.Later, the medical staff carried out an examination on the surface of the scalp of the injured person. It was determined that the scalp was not cut, but there was a hematoma in the head and a wound of about 7 centimeters on the face. The specific situation needs further examination.It is understood that while watching the operation of the Angle mill, the injured person accidentally rolled his hair into the machine and almost cut his head. Fortunately, the power source of the Angle mill was turned off quickly and did not cause too much damage.Upstream news reporter Tan Yao