Huaihua public security: double adherence to the front line of “epidemic”

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The public security department has pressed the “pause button” on the main urban area of Huaihua due to a sudden OUTBREAK of COVID-19.There is such a group of people, they are called “double police family”, they fight side by side, help each other, warm each other, silently stick to “reunion” and “epidemic prevention”, in “responsibility” and “dedication” tacit understanding.Liu Ji and Wang Shanshan this pair of “double police” family has a pair of lovely daughter, the big grade three, the small is still in kindergarten.Her husband Liu Ji is the traffic police detachment of Huaihua Public Security Bureau. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the detachment organs of the police support the road, he rushed to the front line of duty at the first time, under the jurisdiction of four duty stations, so that he often 36 hours of continuous rotation.On the basis of doing a good job in the daily business of the driving management office, he inspected the vehicles on duty every day, maintained the traffic order on the road, and took pains to explain to the public the relevant policies of vehicle control during the epidemic prevention and control.His wife, Wang Shanshan, is a policeman in huaihua Public Security Bureau. She has to work overtime and pull an all-nighter every day.They reported their shifts to each other every day so they could get to work at different times, making sure there was one family member left with the kids each night.(Wang Shanshan is doing data analysis in front of the computer.) One day when I got home, my six-year-old sister held up a picture and said, “Mom, I hope you beat the virus quickly. I miss you so much.”And immediately faced with the test of the elder sister, not only every day at home to learn their own online classes, but also take good care of sister life.”Don’t worry about us,” she said to her mother. “It’s just like when you all work overtime.”Just wear masks and protect yourself.Listening to the children’s words, looking at their lovely little face and sensible and a little worried expression, parents smile behind the tears.Epidemic current, police forward.It has been the norm to give up a small family for everyone.They said, since it is a double police family, it should be based on duty, steadfast work, firm duty, loyalty and dedication, with responsibility and bear, guarding fireworks world.”Some time ago, we had been preparing for our wedding. After receiving the COVID-19 control order, we quickly returned to our posts and went to the frontline of the fight against the virus…”Peng Wan and reporters said.Peng Wan, a nurse in charge in the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and his fiance, a policeman from the Hongjiang Public Security Bureau, have also been deployed to the front line of epidemic prevention.The couple registered their marriage on February 22 and had originally planned to wed in early April, but the COVID-19 pandemic put wedding planning on hold.”Last year, I supported the epidemic prevention and control in Zhangjiajie, so I took the initiative to sign up as soon as the hospital notified me.” At present, Peng Wan is busy doing nucleic acid tests for residents in various communities every day, and also needs to conduct on-site tests for the elderly with yellow codes or mobile disabilities.On March 25th, the day of the interview, it was the fifth round of nucleic acid test in Huaihua city. She told the reporter that the sampling speed of the fifth round was much faster than the previous rounds, and she had to work for more than 12 hours in the previous rounds…And his fiance section of jintao was arranged in the crane district temporary traffic epidemic prevention checkpoint work, 24 hours a day on duty, with health and epidemic prevention and transportation, health commission and other departments to do a good job monitoring and registration.Check the health code, travel code, nucleic acid test report, vehicle pass, etc., and with the measurement of body temperature and nucleic acid testing, Section jintao for these processes have been thoroughly familiar with the heart.”As a people’s police, at the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control, ‘do not leak a car, do not leak a person’ is my duty and mission.”Section jin tao said.In this special period, the couple can only send greetings and encouragement to each other through wechat. Sometimes it is too late to read each other’s messages. In the limited time, they can only put the words they miss in their hearts and devote more energy and time to epidemic prevention and control.”When the epidemic is over, I will buy you snacks.” “Take good care of yourself on the frontline.”A simple wechat message, across the screen to tell each other’s care and commitment, but also to bear a “small home for everyone” responsibility and responsibility.”As police officers and medical staff, we should set an example and take the lead at critical moments. Although the wedding date is delayed, our love will not be absent. We will choose a date to invite everyone to witness our happiness.”Peng said.”We have been in love for one and a half years. We have postponed our long-awaited wedding. Although we have regrets, we share the same belief that our family will be better when we are better.”Duan Jintao said, such as the end of the epidemic, they will hold a warm and romantic wedding.Source: Huaihua Police Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: