Gather your strength to open a new bureau sail forward to seek a new chapter

2022-05-15 0 By

Behavior first, headed by a year in the spring of all things, after a New Year, dege county people’s procuratorate at the end of the holiday snap accepting heart and work plan for 2022, coagulation hearts meet force, accepting heart position, enhance the consciousness of the policemen discipline, clarify working train of thought, to ensure that all work on last year’s achievements seek improvement in stability, consolidate the ascension.The meeting was presided over by Chen Qingyong, director of the political department and member of the Party group.Conference, courtyard party secretary and the attorney general Yuan Yuan in sure floor policemen tried that last year, the better to finish the task performance goals, to a state of procuratorial organ objective performance evaluation of the third good grades at the same time, continue to forge rushed, request everybody cheer up, adjust the working status immediately, quickly concentrate, quickly adjust state, quickly return to work,Adapt to the pace of work as soon as possible.We will set clear goals and vigorously promote the comprehensive implementation of all our work.Work plans and task objectives should be formulated and improved as soon as possible according to the arrangements and arrangements of the higher institutes and the actual work of each department, so as to ensure the successful completion of all work.To change the style of work, improve the quality of the team, according to the county party committee cadres style of education rectification work requirements, seriously investigate problems, earnestly do rectification, comprehensively enhance the sense of discipline, improve the quality and efficiency of work, change the style of work, shape the procuratorial image.END