The Market Supervision Bureau of Lixian Carried out a special inspection on the price supervision of passenger transport market during the Spring Festival

2022-05-14 0 By

“Happy New Year!We are the staff of market Supervision Bureau of Lixian County. Now we are checking the fare collection of passenger transportation market during the Spring Festival and would like to ask you some questions!”During the Spring Festival, staff of the Market Supervision Bureau of Lixian County conducted random checks on whether rural passenger vehicles raised prices illegally by asking passengers on the spot about ticket prices, so as to truly keep supervision on the Spring Festival and maintain stable and orderly market prices.From the third day of the New Year to the sixth day of the New Year, the bureau staff in the county long-distance bus terminal, car north station and other places to carry out the Spring Festival passenger market fare supervision special inspection, the implementation of the “Year guard” (2022) held before the Spring Festival price regulation conference spirit.The special inspection of rural passenger transport operating in the area as the main inspection object, focusing on the actual inspection of rural passenger transport vehicles, at the same time, the bureau also checked whether each operating vehicle posted in the car road map, price list, as well as 12315 report information.It is understood that the operation were examined 17 lines, found that part of the transportation company travel prices than the hair change approved by the bureau of standards, at present, it has been about seven transportation company, issued a rectification notice warned passenger and severely, head of the company to implement the main body responsibility, strictly enforce price departments and the competent department of industry of the relevant provisions of the passenger ticket,Do a good job of clearly marked prices, increase the transparency of ticket prices, consciously accept social supervision.The next step, the bureau will continue to track the results of the special inspection, to ensure the basic stability of passenger transport prices, effectively safeguard the interests of the vast number of passengers.If the general public find relevant illegal clues, welcome to call 12315 complaints report to the market supervision department.(LiXian Market Supervision Administration)