Luo Yonghao will return to the tech industry/return home for Spring Festival/The US ‘technology anti-monopoly bill may affect two Chinese tech companies

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Recently, a buyer in Shanghai was sued by the seller for rescinding the contract and compensating the seller 4.9 million yuan because the bank delayed the mortgage payment for 2 months. The seller won the lawsuit.That means more than half of the 7.45 million yuan deposit paid by the Shanghai buyer was lost, with a total price of 15.5 million yuan.The court’s ruling could encourage banks to conspire with sellers and intermediaries to set traps.Buy a house before signing a contract must avoid this kind of loan extension of default liability.On January 20, the deputy mayor of Panzhihua city, Sichuan province, said at a press conference of the National Health Commission, “We will create a high-quality environment for childbirth.”Panzhihua is very good, our climate warm in winter and cool in summer, fruit throughout the year, air quality is very good, the cultural environment is also very good, in a word is panzhihua “good”.Such an environment is perfect for pregnancy.Big bowl spray sharp comments: health resort tourism to find a new marketing point, soon we will be delighted to find many pregnancy mecca, such as “.”Baifa Baizhong Resort”;”Human high-quality pregnancy preparation Holy Land” and so on.Pieces print media say China can build space station India can also be a few days ago, India announced the construction of the space station in 2030, an Indian defence expert nitin, library of optimism, according to the analysis from the test probe to the moon to the anti-satellite test, India has been rapidly after China, the law, history shows that India could have a space station in 2030.Big bowl spray sharp comments: three elder brother, two years ago, your lunar landing spacecraft lost contact, the dream of landing on the moon;Last year, your helicopter crashed, killing your own army brass.This time, I hope you play it safe.Apple’s iPhone accounted for 22% of global smartphone shipments in the fourth quarter of 2021, according to a report released by data research firm Canalys on Monday.Samsung followed with a 20 percent market share, followed by Xiaomi with 12 percent, OPPO with 9 percent and Vivo with 8 percent in the top five.The last time Apple was no. 1 was in the fourth quarter of 2020.Apple’s stock hit a record high of over $3 trillion.Alas, big A’s market cap was six times Apple’s ten years ago. Now it is five times Apple’s.The per capita disposable income of residents in Eight provinces — Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Guangdong, Fujian and Shandong — exceeded the national average in 2021, according to the latest data released by the National Bureau of Statistics on January 20.The per capita disposable income of residents in Shanghai and Beijing both exceeded 70,000 yuan.The median seems to tell more than the average person.WeiJianWei: Spring Festival return home, to prevent the policy across the board, layers of overweight on January 22 afternoon, WeiJianWei spokesman feng said, the Spring Festival approaching, people began to return, for returning the masses from different risk areas, around to classification, the partition precision to carry out the prevention and control measures, prevent the policy implementation simplicity, one size fits all, prevent the layers of overweight.Big bowl flower asperses sharp comment: hope can carry out.Luo Yonghao forwarded a netizen on weibo, “The mobile phone industry has hardly made any progress since Luo left.He said he will return to the technology industry after the New Year, but the era of mobile phones has passed, and we will see the next generation of platforms. He also said that the next generation of platforms is not the metauniverse as Zuckerberg said.Big bowl of flowers: in the science and technology circle, it is full “.Bad & quot;.Mixer net spread tonga volcanic eruption to scallops into roebuck island for circulating on the Internet “tonga, volcanic eruptions, resulting in a large number of the Pacific island of scallops into roebuck, earnings this year will increase by 100% +” video, roebuck island equities to gain yonhap news agency reporter responded: “it is not clear the situation”, “if there is a big situation, the company will be the first time for disclosure”.Big bowl flower asperse sharp comment: don’t be happy too early, according to this tonality, fingered when scallop ran again!◆ The novel Coronavirus strain of omicron has rapidly spread in Japan, with Toyota and other manufacturers temporarily suspending production of their factories.A number of factories in Japan have recently been forced to temporarily halt production of novel coronavirus infections or close contacts of confirmed cases, as well as disruptions in the supply of parts.Toyota Motor Corp. said it will temporarily shut down 20 production lines at 11 factories in Japan after local suppliers were unable to provide parts due to the outbreak.In addition, Toyota also changed its production schedule for next month, with 11 production lines at eight plants temporarily suspended in February.Big bowl watering can critical comment: life is not good ah…I was puzzled. I used to say that Japanese people are so rigorous, so the spirit of artisans, how can not see the epidemic control?Omicron won’t be able to steal the oil tower this time!◆ Dynamic monitoring report of Urban land price in Guangdong: Shenzhen ranks first in the whole province at 31,758 YUAN/square meter by the end of 2021. The overall land price in Guangdong is 17,103 yuan/square meter, among which the average land price of commercial services, residential buildings and industry is 10,089 yuan/square meter, 9,576 yuan/square meter and 1,118 yuan/square meter respectively.In terms of year-on-year growth rate, the overall land price growth rate of Guangdong province was 1.69%, and the year-on-year growth rate of commercial land price, residential land price and industrial land price were 0.17%, 2.69% and 3.45% respectively.From the perspective of land price level value, the overall land price in the pearl River Delta core area is relatively high, which is about 1.30 times of the provincial average.The overall land price of the eastern and western wings of the coastal economic belt and the northern ecological development zone is relatively low, which is 20.78% and 22.06% of the provincial average, respectively.From the perspective of the overall land price level value of all cities, shenzhen ranks the first with 31,758 yuan/square meter, followed by Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Dongguan with 30197 yuan/square meter, 21806 yuan/square meter and 19726 yuan/square meter, respectively.Foshan is 13,450 yuan per square meter.Guangdong province has been the number one in China for more than 30 years and is still the leader of the economic circle.Have to say, Shenzhen is also fierce, last year’s housing prices fell into a paste, land price is still NO.1 in Guangdong!No way, industrial cattle, dense population, less land, what is the basic plate?This is the basic disk!It may be one of the best opportunities to build a warehouse in Shenzhen in recent years, and buy and cherish shenzhen house tickets on hand!英 文 原 文 : Two Chinese tech companies, Bytedance and Tencent, are likely to be affected by a proposed anti-monopoly law in the US Congress, Bloomberg reported On Wednesday.Previously, the proposed antitrust case targeted platform companies with market capitalization of more than $550 billion.By this measure, American giants such as Apple and Amazon are included.But the US tech giants warned that the bill would give us competitors an advantage and could even threaten users’ privacy.Now, the new law is considering broadening the criteria to include platforms with more than 1 billion monthly active users or $550 billion in annual net sales, in addition to market capitalization.According to the new standards, Both TikTok and Tencent’s overseas wechat will fall under the jurisdiction.The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to take up the bill on Thursday, following similar legislation approved by the House judiciary Committee but not brought to a vote in the full House.Big bowl watering can sharp comment: play cards but steal people’s small wang, no longer also want to sneak attack people crotch…You this technology anti-monopoly cut micro than the two chuan that rob high a throw throw section, but the essence of the same.By the way, this guy’s been around for a long time. I’ve gotten used to it over the years.Keep a low profile for a few more years, who may get used to who!◆ Dongwu Securities responds to the cooperation with Ren Zeping on the sidelines: As a specially hired economist, it will not participate in the research newspaper. In response to the media questioning that Ren Zeping and Dongwu Securities are engaged in “cooperation on the sidelines”, Dongwu Securities said to the media on January 20 that Ren Zeping is an economist specially hired by the company and is not a member of the staff now.Recently, Dongwu securities invited chief economist Ren Zeping is at the cusp of the storm.On March 22, 2021, Ren Zeping released a video announcement to join Soochow Securities and take the post of chief economist.On soochow Securities’ official wechat account, Ren zeping is also named as invited chief economist.In accordance with the Measures for the Administration of Qualifications of Securities Industry Practitioners, if a practitioner with a practice certificate changes the employing institution, the new employing institution shall report to the association within 10 days after the occurrence of the aforesaid situation, and the association shall change the practice registration of the practitioner.In this regard, Soochow Securities explained that Ren Zeping did not engage in the securities business, so he did not register as an analyst of Soochow Securities on the Securities Association of China.Soochow Securities further stated that Ren Zeping mainly participated in the speech activities at the invitation of the institute, and did not participate in the research work of the institute, nor was he a practitioner.Big bowl watering can sharp comment: the whole along while is a temporary worker, alas…Temporary workers are hard to work, and they’re taking the blame.Dismissed!Nothing!Research: word long: last | medium-length | next spiral disintegration: last | medium-length | research: the next city chongqing: a line of research analysis | | city policy analysis four shore | | liangjiang concentrated soil take hangzhou: early warning analysis | | market housing purchase status | new lottery trend from | ring of Beijing:The cpmpany (on) | | male Ann male Ann (bottom) | | | north three county yan jiao xianghe Shanghai: big hongqiao | | regulation policy to improve home buyers | five new city suzhou: xi ‘an urban development | | property market analysis industrial park: urban development | | to choose urban planning to raise Suggestions chengdu: chengdu business | | property market analysis of wuhan city plate:Analysis | wuhan and chongqing city of nanjing, the property market situation analysis of tianjin: | plate school district room | market long sleeve triangle: ningbo, wenzhou, yiwu | | | | in jiaxing nantong | taizhou bay area: investment logic (on) | | dongguan dongguan (under) | foshan other cities: shijiazhuang