Italian 54-year-old billionaire holds 1-year-old only daughter fitness, pet baby unlimited, model girlfriend only responsible for beauty

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Italian billionaire Gianluca Vaci shared a short video of himself and his girlfriend Sharon Fonseca, 27, dancing and singing to the music in the early hours of February 5 on social media.The 54-year-old captioned the video ‘Have a Great Weekend’ and although he used to share funny videos like this, with the birth of his daughter, he has become a daughter slave, showing fewer videos of him dancing with his girlfriend and more intimate moments with her.

This is the image he shared a day earlier, walking on a treadmill with his one-year-old daughter, Blue Jerusha, in one arm.Gianluca, who became a billionaire by inheriting a business, is not satisfied with being an anonymous rich man. He prefers to become an “Internet celebrity”. Although he is over 50 years old, his videos are quite creative and his strength shows off his wealth, so they have gained a lot of attention.

Wearing a red T-shirt, the little girl looks like her father’s body. No matter what kind of equipment his father uses, she will not leave, and is even held up as a dumbbell, and so safe up and down makes Blue very happy, with a bright smile on his cute little face.

Gianluka captioned the photo ‘We all want to spend time with dad’, while we, along with Blu, also feature his creamy Labrador retriever.Although Gianluca is not young, Blu is his only child. He used to be a playboy and dated a lot of models and socialites, but he never settled down. Even his “daughter”, which has been widely rumored, is just his goddaughter.

But after falling in love with Sharon, Gianluca decided to settle down and the couple went on to have a baby just two years later.Gianluca, who has a son from an old age, dotes on her baby, and many of the scenes show the little girl’s attachment to her father.

Sharone, a Venezuelan-born model, is not particularly famous for her looks and figure, but her relationship with Gianluca has greatly boosted her popularity.Judging from her social media feed, Sharon has only ever been responsible for her beauty since giving birth, beaming from her Italian estate to her Miami villa as she talks about her fashion tips.