Del potro strength is extraordinary, fault leading a list!

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Recently, the news of del Potro’s retirement covered every corner of the tennis world.Here, there are a lot of data and lists about him.Of all the players in men’s tennis history who have never been world No. 1, who has beaten the then-No. 1 the most times?Thiem, Ferrer, Wawrinka, Ivanisevic, Magnus Larsson (Sweden), Tom Oko (Netherlands) — five times;It is often said that there is a generation gap at the age of five, so in this list, it must be at least five times to have a ranking, which has been achieved by six people.Larsson and Oko, two players unfamiliar to most fans, are highlighted by their nationalities.Everything else is a grand Slam title or sub.Spain stable male Ferrer, as one day for decades, the ranking is stable in the forefront of the world, and the world’s first fight many times, also won a lot of natural victory.Thiem has consistently beaten Nadal at least once a year on clay, including federer in the Indian Wells Masters final and Djokovic in the French Open semifinals.Wawrinka needs no introduction. His three Grand Slam victories have all come on the shoulders of giants.Ivanisevic, Djokovic’s coach, has a legacy as one of the few players in Grand Slam history to win with a wild card.But his hard power is not empty, as evidenced by his repeated victories over the world No. 1.Roscoe Tyner (United States) — six times;The player won the 1977 Australian Open and played for Uncle Sam in the Davis Cup.However, he became famous as a spendthrift and soon spent all his winnings, eventually cheating and earning himself two years in prison.Krajcik, Zhang Depei — seven times;Krajcik holds the record as the tallest Wimbledon champion to date.Such an advantage naturally served him well.Zhang Depei, a Chinese American, is very familiar to all of us. He holds the record of the youngest grand Slam men’s singles champion so far. Naturally, he beat the world no.1 many times.Del Potro — ten times.To use a popular phrase these days, a three-time advantage is a fault lead.Judging by the recent comments surrounding the Argentine on social media, it is more on his own merits that he has won the hearts of fans around the world.(Source: The Home of Tennis by Luo Cheng Seven ye)