Beating up Huawei?India’s ‘home-grown’ mobile phone system has gone awry, showing just how wrong smart feature phones can be

2022-05-14 0 By

Have you ever seen the Nokia turn into a smartphone?Have you ever ordered food or made a call on your mobile web site?Do you know the most popular mobile operating system after IOS and Android?No mistake, India did it!In 2017, India’s smartphone market had a low penetration rate relative to the country’s population, partly because it was too expensive and partly because of battery life, which coincided with the transition from feature phones to smartphones in India.The overall economy of India is not good, so there are not many people who use smart phones, and it is impossible to have IOS and Android systems. As a result, The Indian people started the road of “independent research and development” mobile phone system, and there was a tendency of overtaking. The self-developed system in The Indian population is “Kaios”.When KaiosKaios, a mobile phone system developed by India, was born, it was also reported by Chinese media. At that time, someone said, “Kaios has become the third largest operating system after Android and IOS.”But in fact, android and IOS have developed so far, after more than 10 years, but Kaios only developed a few years, he Dehe can become the world’s third largest operating system?Turns out we were right.Kaios system is not our conventional smart phone system, but “smart function machine system”.Is such a “smart function machine” system, also once drew a group of crazy copy fake brands, domestic prices also easing the bit in the authentic, like nokia 3310 had sold more than 300 dollars in India, shanzhai makers straight down half price, $150 you can have a intelligent system of their own mobile phones.And the function is also very powerful, you can connect to the 4G network, use the web to open a variety of apps, such as Meituan, Taobao, Ele. me, and even play the online version of The Russian fang er, about three or five friends together to play ice fire brothers adventure.It is because of this phone that Indians proudly call “one of the best mobile systems in Our country”.So there was a rumor that Kaios was once the third largest system in the world, but it was actually developed not by Indians, but by a team from Hong Kong, China called TCL.After all, Indians have not escaped the nightmare made in China. While talking about boycotting Chinese apps, they are using Chinese developed systems and claiming that they have become the 3rd largest system in the world.Kaios had already taken off in India, but one company was behind its success: Jio.The founder of the company is India’s richest man, Mr Ambani MuKe, he also developed a 4 g function of intelligent machine and a half, also carrying the Kaios system, but the only difference is that it is the company’s mobile phone use during the first six months of free, all free phone calls, text messaging, phone also free for you, put down a deposit can be white with a mobile phone.So after took less than half a year’s time, he’s mobile Kaios system registered users to reach $1, because of his this operation, also creates the “volume” of the Indian mobile phone market, indirectly affect a lot of let’s domestic mobile phone manufacturers, domestic manufacturers, after all, is to make money, such an operation down and turned into money.If you have any comments about Kaios in India, please leave a comment.