Application requirements of Shanghai Enterprise volunteer Service station

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The recruitment of volunteer service stations is carried out in the form of open recruitment and directional invitation.To apply for joining the volunteer group, parks must meet the following requirements: 1. All kinds of entrepreneurial parks, incubators, mass innovation Spaces and other enterprise service carriers registered in the city;2. More than 30 enterprises (physical office) have been officially operated for more than 2 years;3. The carrier operation area of the park is more than 3000 square meters, and the area is not less than 80 square meters, which is suitable for carrying out various service activities;4. Have a perfect service system and service team, and achieve good results in providing directly or indirectly entrepreneurship, science and technology, finance and other services for enterprises in the park. Organize enterprises to carry out more than 2 volunteer service activities with distinct themes close to the needs of enterprises every year according to the general requirements of Shanghai enterprise development volunteer service;5. The park shall assign special personnel to provide volunteer service. The Park shall specify special personnel to carry out demand survey, questionnaire diagnosis, volunteer expert contact, service activity organization and other work according to the requirements of the host unit;6. Parks, incubators and mass innovation Spaces with municipal or above qualifications;Parks that have participated in volunteer work over the years are preferred.You are the expert, welcome to join our volunteer service family!You are an enterprise or park, welcome to communicate new ideas and new content, and actively organize and undertake diversified and rich policy counseling activities. We will jointly build and promote the brand of Shanghai enterprise volunteer service!Contact person: miss Yang (021-64225061) “Shanghai enterprise development experts volunteer work” by Shanghai economic and information committee, the communist youth league committee of Shanghai advocate, promote development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai office for the coordination and support of Shanghai youth federation, the Shanghai development of small and medium-sized enterprises service center is responsible for the specific organization and implementation.Relying on the operation mode of “1 team +4 sub-teams + more than 400 experts + more than 170 workstations in the park”, Shanghai Enterprise Development Expert Volunteer Service Team constantly absorbs more excellent experts and service institutions.We provide public welfare legal services, market development, investment and financing services, human resources, intellectual property rights, scientific and technological innovation, restructuring and listing, management consulting and other professional services for enterprise development.So far, we have held more than 1,600 events, benefiting more than 48,150 enterprises.In combination with the hot issues of current politics and the needs of enterprises, the volunteer service has been constantly innovated and enterprising. The “Public welfare Activities of One hundred Parks and Ten thousand Enterprises” plan has been implemented, policy service themes have been carefully cultivated, hot policy interpretation activities have been launched from time to time, and more public welfare activities benefiting enterprises such as “Enabling parks” and “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecology” have been established regularly.Welcome enterprises to sign up!