Where is the focus of second-hand housing inspection?

2022-05-13 0 By

Nowadays, many people choose second-hand houses when buying houses. Compared with new houses, the price of second-hand houses is lower, and the location of second-hand houses may be closer to the central area with the same price, so they can move in directly, saving time and effort.However, when buying second-hand room, the consideration when receiving room check room is not much, only consider door model, position, orientation and so on, after checking in, just discover the “pit” that had not noticed before.Will tell normally, before buying second-hand house, want detailed understanding building condition, understand more suffer a deficit less, be like sound insulation effect, indoor lighting, ceiling, wall, door window, ground.So what do we need to pay attention to in the process of second-hand housing inspection?1. Why do landlords sell houses?Was there a house accident?Neighborhood problems?Or normal substitution?It’s all about how well you move in and how well you live in your neighborhood.So find out as much as you can.2, daytime and night to look at daytime lighting, outdoor shade, indoor lighting is bright.At night, watch the light and listen to the noise. Can the light be fully covered on the way home and fully feel the noise level at the same time?3, the wind and rain to see the wind and rain can test the house Windows, walls and Windows, balconies and other parts of the existence of seepage, water leakage, check whether the window is tight.At the same time, we can also check the muddy and stagnant roads around the community, and the treatment of stagnant sewage by the community property.4, the roof corner carefully look at the wall is flat or damp corner, crack, can understand whether there is water seepage, at the same time to check whether the kitchen and bathroom roof has water seepage traces, prove that the upstairs waterproof in place or not, otherwise their own risk of water.5. Water supply and power supply should not forget that water pressure is not enough to easily produce too little water, which affects daily life. Water and drainage should be unobstructed and blockage cannot occur.Observe whether there are indoor and outdoor wire aging phenomenon, confirm the power supply capacity of the house, to avoid the phenomenon of air conditioning in summer.6. Confirm the original structure diagram to the landlord to ensure that the modification of the decoration does not affect the load-bearing wall, and the water and electricity supply is convenient for re-decoration.At the same time furniture, home appliance makes over together, when signing a contract, the brand of these equipment and furniture, colour, type, whether can be used normally should write a contract, prevent afterwards householder to be shoddy, said not to calculate even, move the home empty.