The 68-year-old said frankly: “I don’t pay my salary card, live together, living and pocket money can be negotiated.

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Guide language: old person age is bigger need to accompany more, the old person that old age loses companion is very unfortunate, rise as living standard, social progress, have many old people, also hope to seek an old companion again.Usually have a talk with the companion, sick when someone is caring, there are children but no way to accompany in the side, old people, especially lonely and lonely.Of course, the old man hopes to find a suitable partner to live with. 68-year-old Uncle Song offers his opinion.”Since I have been living with 65-year-old Wang Xiang sister, MY salary is under my own control. We can discuss living and pocket money with each other. He is also willing to stay with us, which is quite harmonious.My family name is Song, 68 years old this year, I have two children, both married and started a career, in the past I was very comfortable life, male master, female master at home, my wife did everything well, hot meals at home, eat on time every day, I have never had trouble with the stomach.Since she died, I have been miserable. I have no taste for anything, and I don’t bother to cook any food. I cook one meal for a day and eat leftovers every day.Because of irregular meals, nutrition is not balanced, the body is not comfortable, spend more money not to say, but also eat out of the disease, not a stomach pain is the tooth age fire.What’s more, my room was not cleaned and my clothes were not washed. In the past, my wife did all the work for me. Now, the whole room is in a mess, and it is not a human life.I smoke more than in the past, in sorrow a sorrow, cost more, the body is worse and worse, decadent days I do not know when is the head, son, daughter wants me to go over to their side of life, but, over the past few days playing is ok, if long-term living there, to disturb them, also is very not convenient, after all, is not their home, which have so free?02 Every day, I go to the park, and old friend Lao Li chat, sometimes with me to play chess, he is also a person, his wife went to his son with his grandson, sometimes, Sunday, I call him to come home, I fry two more dishes, two people drink a cup.Sometimes he would call me to his house to sit down and have a drink and talk, and it was a good day.Later, he went to his son’s house, reunited with his wife and grandchildren, and I had no one to talk to. It was very lonely.Want to think about or find a wife, not so lonely, so, I put my idea and my children said, they are also very support, although say support, but, handle certificate they do not agree.In this way, through the introduction of a friend of mine, and a woman called Wang Xiang know, she is three years younger than me, we are actually half a fellow villager, is my dead wife of a fellow villager, he died, she is a person, she lived with his son.At first, the son and daughter-in-law were very filial to her. The daughter-in-law said to sell the old house, but the son disagreed. The daughter-in-law quarreled every day and wanted to divorce her son.In the first three months after buying the house, her daughter-in-law was very polite and respectful to her. Later, she began to make sarcastic remarks and asked her to give her pay card to her daughter-in-law for safekeeping. She did not agree, and her daughter-in-law’s attitude toward her became worse and worse, and she became more and more disgusted.Every day as a family nanny, son and daughter-in-law quarrel every day, she became more and more upset, later, she found an excuse to leave, back home, no house she can only rent a house, she also particularly want to find a suitable wife, as long as there is a room for her to live.03 Two people have the same idea, talk quite speculation, contact for a period of time to see, the more they talk about the more happy, sometimes, he invited Ms. Wang Xiang to come home for dinner, she is not polite, take the initiative to do housework, clean up the room, but also help him wash clothes, do the dishes taste good.After talking in this way for a period of time, he asked Ms. Wang Xiang to come home and live with him. He said, “The ugly word is in the front, if you can accept it, come home and live with him. If you don’t accept it, break up.”Uncle Song said, “I will pay for your living expenses, and I will pay for the water and electricity bills. I can discuss how much money I will give you each month. I have the salary in my hand, and I can share the housework.Although Wang Xiang did not agree at the beginning, he did not say it to death. He thought about it and gave him a reply within three days.After three days of no contact with Uncle Song, Uncle Song thought that the matter had failed. On the fourth day, Ms. Wang Xiang contacted him and said that they could discuss it.In this way, Miss Wang Xiang agreed to live together, her own salary need not spend, every month pocket money to give her 1100, she can freely spend, Uncle Song will not interfere.They also set a detailed agreement, very specific such as: a party which side from the sick, if really have a serious illness how responsible, speak clearly and, if they have a serious illness over the economic ability, by both sides of the child, born ailment both sides responsible for, for various reasons, the man don’t have time to do housework, you should give her some appropriate compensation.For example: give red envelopes or bonuses.They live together, now it has been more than half a year, both sides are very satisfied, and they get along very harmoniously, every day two hand in hand to play in the park, at the same time back, cooking together, do housework together, Uncle Song no longer so lonely, every day humming a ditty, especially happy.Conclusion: old people live together, in line with mutual trust, mutual understanding, understand the concerns of both sides, the heart must be sincere, do not calculate each other, something to discuss, do not hide, to the heart of a gentleman, of course, can be friendly to get along with, old age with a companion to accompany each other, treat each other sincerely, cherish, just can go for a long time.