“Swimming” domestic aircraft, finally successful test, technology to achieve complete self-development

2022-05-13 0 By

Recently, we all have great expectations for domestic large aircraft, domestic large aircraft C919 delivery, on the great excitement.In addition, there are also y-20 aircraft that belong to China.Although it is used in the military field, it is also an important member of the domestic large aircraft family.Recently, there is another piece of good news, that is, ag600-1003 has completed its first test flight, and the system status and performance of the aircraft are very good.Ag600-1003 aircraft is a large amphibious aircraft, completely designed and developed independently by our country.The AG600 also has its own code name, Kun Long.The aircraft was designed and developed as a large amphibious aircraft because of its distinctive positioning: “rescue aircraft”.Kun Long was born with the mission of being able to perform rescue missions both on land and on water.On land, for example, it will be used for forest fire fighting and other tasks.If our country wants to establish a complete emergency rescue system, it has to complete all kinds of rescue equipment first.Kunlong is one of the most important aviation equipment.At the same time, the successful development of AG600, but also make up a technological gap in Our country.China has never independently developed such a large amphibious aircraft before.This is very exciting, and the most proud thing is that the DEVELOPMENT of the AG600 has always been done independently by the Chinese research and development team.No matter in aircraft design, or in any stage of manufacturing, China has solid and completely independent intellectual property rights.Such a gratifying result means that China has made great progress in innovation capacity and in the manufacturing capacity of advanced industrial equipment.However, those who have a little interest in and understanding of aircraft know that the design process and manufacturing process of aircraft are quite complex, and need to rely on a large number of scientific and technical personnel, complete supply chain, and considerable accumulation.Due to China’s relatively limited manufacturing capacity in the past, many high-end parts of the aircraft can not be produced, including power units, main airborne devices, etc., are inadequate, thus delaying the process of China’s independent design and manufacturing of aircraft.Today, these technologies have made breakthroughs, and the successful test drive of the AG600 is the best symbol.The power plant and main onboard devices on the AG600 are industry leading and are the result of the painstaking efforts of China’s aircraft research and development team.These technologies are leaps forward and will greatly advance the aircraft industry.In addition, it will also drive the synergistic growth of upstream and downstream industries.The success of this AG600 aircraft also has a very profound practical significance.Because before this, a lot of equipment in China’s aircraft industry had to be purchased in bulk abroad.We have paid a lot of capital cost for this, and the late maintenance is also very inconvenient.Limited by its own technical research and development capabilities, as well as the expensive and difficult maintenance of foreign equipment, China did not have many rescue aircraft.Therefore, when faced with all kinds of disasters, our situation is very passive, and the ability to resist risks is very weak.But with the success of the AG600, this embarrassment will hopefully be overcome.When the AG600 reaches mass production, its price will be far lower than similar products purchased from abroad.Although in the short term, China still depends on foreign manufacturers for some models.But they were also impressed by the success of the AG600, which will help increase our initiative in price negotiations.Not only that, the success of AG600 may be more significant, it represents China’s aviation industry is catching up with the world’s aviation industry level, and even surpass it in the future.If the AG600 can attract foreign consumers and get a large order, then with the mass production of this model, China will quickly form a large-scale aviation industry system, rapid development and growth.This means that as long as the AG600 can attract the attention of foreign consumers, it is expected to bring high economic and other benefits to China.In recent years, the Chinese people have been working hard to attach more importance to science and technology.In the good atmosphere, as well as the hard work of the researchers, China has made one proud achievement after another, successfully breaking through the technological blockade of a number of Western countries.This has not only made our country stronger, but also greatly enhanced the people’s national confidence and cohesion.With the rapid development of China’s aircraft industry, part of the high-end talents have finally come into play. They can not only get high salaries, but also contribute to the service of the country.Otherwise, they can only work in foreign companies and make achievements for others.I believe that under the painstaking efforts of our aircraft development members, the independent development of other types of products is only a matter of time!