Senna was promoted to the “first sister” of the big fight, with a high win rate of 62%

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Preface:As LOL old favorite player mode, ported differs from genting big update once half a year, the implement of fixed play mechanism changes do not need to take the time to study, so the model of the heat in the last few years have been high, after the arrival of a version 12.2, because many heroes have been changed, so the new version of ported hero strength is also a lot of changes have taken place,The strengthened Senna instantly reached the top of the brawl win rate list, and foreign players also studied a set of armor outflow outfit play, the win rate is to reach the horror of 72%, today we will share some new version of brawl hero strong enemy.Senna govinda, jean female remains strong in mythology and equipment, soft and auxiliary in ported established rise, although everyone don’t like this kind of no harm, also does not have the ability to harvest a hero, but the group speed, and the mechanism of blood, let soft auxiliary melee role becomes very large, continuous multiple versions the list on the harp woman is ported odds, saller Fanny’s status is not too much,After the arrival of version 12.2, Qinnu’s position is still stable, with a win rate of 60.7%, ranking second in the win rate list, and surpassing Qinnu on the top, is the aforementioned Senna.With a 10.7% selection rate and a 62.3% win rate, Senna has surpassed Jean in both categories, thanks to the armor piercing outfit developed by foreign players. After abandoning traditional crits and special effects flow, senna has successfully promoted the black tech gameplay, which we will talk about later. In addition, the performance of Wheel Mother in version 12.2 is also very good.The overall win rate reached 60.7%, only 0.01% less than qin female, wheel mother everyone should often choose, wear h1n1 unlimited Q play damage, long rotten street, strength is really not low, and the output environment is very good.Followed by Gwen, after the new version is strengthened, winning percentage is 58.2%, Gwen itself is for the melee, the barrier W skills can avoid a lot of damage, and at the same time R skills in melee damage is also a level of explosion, coupled with the existence of the real damage, the output of the tanks also does not carry Gwen, lily her in ported performance has always been very good,In version 12.2, angel, Vampire, Jinx and Nami all have a win rate of 57 or more, which are all relatively strong in the new version.Wear a/h1n1 flu senna play explanation because data from Europe and the United States division, pick-up in a query, the clothes and han2 fu2 found that wearing a/h1n1 flu senna at present and no one to try, most of the players to choose are traditional siren sheep knife flow effects, so the new game we study focuses on the foreign players, focus on version update friends all know that,In version 12.2, Senna’s Q skill has been strengthened, and the deceleration effect has been added. In addition to the 20% base deceleration, every 100 additional AD can get 10% deceleration bonus, so the higher the attack power, senna’s Q skill deceleration is stronger, so foreign players developed the armor penetration gameplay.Core equipment is the eclipse, although the damage as the siren, also have no attack speed bonus, but the eclipse of the income is not low sea monster, with 6% of the maximum life, at the same time gives a 15% movement speed, pulling capacity becomes stronger, at the same time, still can obtain a shield, growing universal vampire range has been increased, the second is the magic,Increase blue quantity and attack power, the biggest benefit of this kind of installation is: Senna does not need to rely on general attack, skills can also hit not bad damage, the key is Q skill range than general attack far, output environment is very good, and deceleration ability is also stronger.Through the measured, two-piece senna Q skills with slowing effect, can reach 34%, and recommended the players, because data of SFSC, the mid with winning percentage reached nearly 74%, can saying is very terror, finally the rune aspect, because they don’t go smooth A flow, so you can choose to fast pace increase the move speed and reply,You can also choose dark Harvest as a growth rune, but foreign players seem to prefer the faster pace, the win rate is also 65%, which is a very good income, it needs to be noted that the sub-system point astral insight, small symbol point a minus CD, Senna’s Q skill cooldown will be shorter.Conclusion:Above is the current chaos LOL hero fighting strength, senna is one of contemporary science and technology of black, winning percentage beyond jean female govinda, is sufficient to illustrate, to summarise, AD hero mother recommended senna, wheels, ice, auxiliary heroes recommend harp woman, her beauty, salman Fanny, mage heroes recommend Gwen, vampires, lily her,Of course, these heroes are not all easy to get, more is the mechanism of rolling dice, but if encountered, don’t easily miss, are the 12.2 version very powerful existence.So what do you guys think about Armour piercing?Welcome to comment!# League of Legends