Midnight 0 o ‘clock, Wu Dajing announced an important decision!Withdraw retirement consideration, sprint for milan Winter Olympics

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On February 17, Beijing time, China’s well-known short track speed skater Wu Dajing, after finishing all the projects in the Beijing Winter Olympics, released a long dynamic at 0 o ‘clock in the night, to announce some important information to the outside world, Wu Dajing will withdraw the previous retirement idea, adhere to continue to be active on the ice, Wu Dajing, do not say goodbye!On the topic of whether to retire, Wu dajing said: “I had considered whether to retire after the Beijing Winter Olympics, but when I really stood on the field of the moment, I found myself reluctant to say goodbye.Thank you, I’ll see you at the rink. Good night.”It can be said that Wu Dajing gave his fans a reassurance, after all, after the end of the men’s 500 meters individual event, Wu Dajing said “I don’t know if I will participate in the world championships”, let the outside world feel that Wu Dajing wants to retire.But now, Wu Dajing personally made a commitment, will continue to gallop in the rink, continue to fight!Wu finished with one gold, compared with one gold and one silver in Pyeongchang 2018 and one silver and one bronze in Sochi 2014.After three Winter Olympics, Wu Dajing has won two gold MEDALS, two silver MEDALS and one bronze medal. He is already the best athlete in The history of China’s short track speed skating team in the past eight years.In addition, Wu Dajing also holds the world record of the individual 500 meters, the Olympic record, and won two world championships, these honors superposition, enough to reflect the excellence and greatness of Wu Dajing.After deciding not to retire, Wu will have a chance to compete in the next Winter Olympics in Milan in 2026, which means he has a chance to win more Olympic MEDALS.In terms of age, Wu Dajing will be 31 years old in 4 years, which is at the level of an absolute veteran. He will have higher requirements on his body. Wu Dajing needs to do more preparation and training to adjust his body.Strongest characters in history, the history of the Chinese short track speed skating team wang meng, at 30 years old that year in preparation for the 2014 Olympic winter games in sochi, unfortunately for eve suffered serious injuries, lead to exit the sochi directly, therefore, Wu Dajing need more attention to health, maintain a good body state, have the possibility of games for milan.After the Olympics, of course, Wu Dajing even more need to pay attention to rest, can go home with their parents, mend failed to spend the Spring Festival, the winter Olympics mixed 2000 meters relay gold due to win, Wu Dajing was rewarded 1 million yuan of local government, directly to Wu Dajing home, this is Wu Dajing alternative filial piety the parents,Use good grades to win awards to give your family a better life.In the next few years, Wu Dajing will still be active on the ice, we look forward to more good performance of Wu Dajing in the future!(Lin Xiaoshi)