Gold flower, silver leaf and iron rod

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You don’t like the pine tall you don’t like green shore weeping willows spectacular dancing you don’t like little poplar was the song you don’t like golden p. euphratica has three one thousand reputation is rooted in the gobi desert, you neither greed more tolerance for solitude and desolate fain, confident independent from the rain sun bend your body emaciated, gene made brave strong you rough old skin, ring signature weather-beaten and stirring in the spring,Your leaflet blades of flashing silver light summer, you ponder the golden flowers overflowing the intoxicating fragrance of the autumn, the fruits in your crabapple none miserly to let people taste of winter, you clank iron character of elaeagnus angustifolia, become block sand barrier you with western fellows in tough image is shouldering the create new era of the great bear good harmonious home, you still stand in the way of striving for protecting green waterCastle Peak exerts great positive energy by Feng Fucun