Women’s soccer 4 news!CCTV live final, Shui Qingxia confidence to win South Korea, Chinese Taipei 8 people diagnosed

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Hello everyone, I love to kan football rules, today is February 5th, is also the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, rules today to bring you about the latest 4 dynamic women’s football!The first news, about CCTV live broadcast of the Asian Cup final!According to the official announcement of “China Women’s Football”, CCTV5 will live broadcast the women’s Asian Cup final between China and South Korea tomorrow night!February 16th, 19:00, Women’s Asian Cup final, China women’s football VS Korea women’s football!According to the official announcement of “China Women’s Football”, not only CCTV5 will broadcast live, but other network platforms that have bought copyright will also broadcast live!According to CCTV, commentator He Wei and former National women’s soccer player Wang Liping will be co-broadcasting the match on CCTV5.In addition, according to the reporter Yuan Ye revealed that this network platform live, will not charge, but free live!Previously, the semi-final match between Chinese women’s football team and Japanese women’s football team was broadcast live on the network for fee. If fans want to watch it, they need to pay!Therefore, this CCTV live broadcast, as well as the network platform free live broadcast, for the majority of fans who care about women’s football, is undoubtedly a great Gospel!Do you expect it?The second news is about the Chinese Taipei Women’s Team!According to huanqiu.com, the Chinese Taipei women’s football team, which is currently playing in India at the Women’s Asian Cup, has confirmed eight cases of COVID-19.According to Huanqiu.com, PCR nucleic acid tests showed that as of February 4, 8 Chinese Taipei team staff were diagnosed with COVID-19, all mild, and are currently in isolation.Although not all of the eight confirmed cases are players, they have a significant impact on China’s Taipei team, which is seeking to qualify for the World Cup.According to the rules, Asia has six straight into the number of the World Cup, two play the number of intercontinental play-off Asian cup 4 directly get slots, before the Asian cup, one of the top 8 World Cup hosts Australia take a quota, remaining three Asian cup top 8 teams, Thailand, Vietnam and Chinese Taipei, to follow a bad game, best to get the last one direct slots,The two worst teams will have to play the intercontinental play-off for a place.At present, round robin has already carried on 2 rounds, respectively is Vietnam 2-0 Thailand, Chinese Taipei 3-0 Thailand, so on February 6, Chinese Taipei and Vietnam in the game, as long as the Chinese Taipei remain undefeated, then can compete for the direct promotion to the World Cup quotas!From the qualifying situation, Chinese Taipei women’s football team is very advantageous, but from the current diagnosis of the disease, the situation of Chinese Taipei women’s football team is not very good!Anyway, cheer on Chinese Taipei women’s football team, hope to see 2 Chinese teams participating in the women’s Football World Cup!Do you expect it?The third news, about the women’s football coach Shui Qingxia!At the pre-match press conference, Shui Qingxia was full of confidence, saying that even if we won, it would not be a great record!”Even if we win tomorrow, I don’t think it will be a great record,” Shui said at the pre-match press conference. “We will prepare as we always have. What I value more is the victory of the race itself.They are a very good team, so it will be a challenge for us to play them in the final because they have a lot of good players.”Obviously, although Shui Qingxia praised the strong strength of The Korean women’s football team, she was more confident about the strength of the Chinese women’s football team, and thought it was a matter of course that the Chinese women’s football team won the championship, not a big deal!Therefore, the water coach is so confident to win the South Korean team, all believe that the water coach led the team, we will not feel disappointed!The fourth news, about the captain of the women’s football team Wang Shanshan!At the pre-match press conference, Wang shanshan talked about her responsibilities as a team leader, saying she must set a good example to motivate her teammates!Captain Wang Shanshan attended the pre-match press conference with south Korean women’s football team along with coach Shui Qingxia.As for the final, Wang shanshan said, “The last match is very important for us. Both teams will pay great attention to attack and defense.”Wang Shanshan said, if can win the title, for the Chinese women’s football team this new team, is a new beginning, but also a symbol of success!Wang shanshan believes that for him, the team has reached the final, there is no pressure on everyone, and the goal is very clear, so she will just relax and do her best to enjoy the game.As for the responsibility of the team leader, what Wang shanshan should do is to lead the whole team forward, and she must set a good example, so as to motivate her teammates!Can see obviously, Wang Shanshan is worthy of captain, speak very level, emotional intelligence is very high!With the guidance of water and the leadership of Wang Shanshan, I believe the women’s football team will give us a surprise tomorrow night.Do you expect it?