The Spring Festival of the gatekeeper of Hongqiao Railway Station

2022-05-12 0 By

On February 3, 2022, Chinese New Year arrive grade today in Shanghai hongqiao railway station layer obviously increase the passenger flow is expected to reach 32000 passengers opened the prelude of returning passenger increase from 16th in minhang branch of Shanghai municipal public security bureau police and 180 officers stationed in the hongqiao railway station and epidemic prevention station should strictly implement the “one man, not leak” various epidemic prevention measures,Yang Weirong is the director of the epidemic prevention and transport team at Hongqiao Railway Station of Minhang Public Security Bureau.Two years ago, Shanghai launched the first-level response mechanism for major public health emergencies. So far, the special squad has been changed 27 times, with a total of more than 1,000 people working on the front line of epidemic prevention. As the leader of the team, Yang Weirong is the only staff who has never changed.Yan Liqing is a retired police officer.Suffering from coronary heart disease and hypertension, she suddenly felt unwell and syncope under high intensity of work, and was rushed to the hospital.The doctor told him to rest, yan Liqing was discharged on the afternoon of the same day, returned to work.Yang Renfei is a guard on the south three exit of the young police.He was suddenly suffering from acute gastroenteritis before the festival. After taking several pills, he volunteered to give up rest and immediately returned to his post to continue working…There are many such “baymax” who stand beside the temperature measuring passageway one by one to check the health code and travel code of visitors to Shanghai, guide passengers to exit the station orderly, protect the safety of Shanghai, salute you, wish you a happy New Year, look forward to safe and triumphant return