Ministry of Civil Affairs: The qingming Festival holiday around the mass mourning activities safe and orderly

2022-05-12 0 By

April 5, the last day of the Qingming Festival holiday, was a safe and orderly day.According to statistics from the Tomb-sweeping Day office of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, 21,795 funeral service institutions across the country opened on-site funeral service, received 5,976,076 people, guided 1,190,166 vehicles, participated in the service and security of 375,256 staff, and opened 1,523 online funeral service platforms.Log on the network to visit people 8,564,490 times.A total of 17,544,208 people were received during the three-day holiday, down 74 percent from the same period last year.There were 2,1,560,183 people who logged on to the Internet, up 192% from the same period last year.Channeling vehicles 3,669,257 times, 71% less than the same period last year;The number of staff participating in service assurance was 1032053, down 15% compared with the same period last year.As the Tomb-sweeping day holiday comes to an end, the mass activities are coming to an end, and there will still be some mass activities for a period of time.The Ministry of Civil Affairs will continue to guide local civil affairs departments and funeral service institutions to earnestly implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements of funeral sites, strengthen safety management, strictly prevent the occurrence of cluster infection, congestion and stampede accidents, and realize healthy, safe and civilized funeral sites.At the same time, the general public is reminded to abide by the local management requirements of the worship, obey the guidance of the staff, do a good job of personal safety protection, green travel, civilized worship.Source CCTV news editor Wang Xiaoting editor Min Jieyang Tao