Lee Hsien Loong urges people to have more ‘tiger babies’

2022-05-12 0 By

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has added joy to the Lunar New Year by announcing on Facebook that the number of marriages in Singapore has returned to pre-epidemic levels after two years of COVID-19, Lianhe Zaobao reported on Wednesday.He said he hoped to see more Chinese people get married in the year of the Tiger.”Although there was a decrease in the number of marriages at first, I am pleased that many couples have since fulfilled their lifelong plans,” he said.He said.According to the Singapore Census Bulletin, 38,600 babies were born in Singapore in 2021, slightly less than in 2020.The figures include children of Singapore citizens, permanent residents and foreigners living in Singapore.”The arrival of the baby brings joy and warmth to the whole family, as well as good hope and bright future to the country,” Lee said.He stressed that the government has been strongly supporting Singaporeans to have children, and has continued to provide baby subsidies during the pandemic to help some parents ease their financial burden.For example, parents of children born between Oct 1, 2020, and Sept 30 this year will receive a one-off baby allowance of S $3,000.Lee hsien Loong also urged people to vaccinate their children and the elderly as soon as possible, stressing that vaccines are safe and effective and can greatly reduce the risk of severe illness, the report said.