If you’re looking for a secret garden outside of marriage, what do you recommend?

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If you want to talk about intimate things with your special friend, you should definitely keep them private.But like Wechat, QQ basically as a national level chat software, its functions and operations are well known.If you use XX tongcheng, Tantan, momo, etc., it goes without saying that you know what it is used for.You want a quiet secret garden, not only for privacy, but also for security.There are now private chat apps on the app market, such as Good luck Bar.Featured one-on-one encrypted chat, only two people know the secret chat platform.An exclusive chatting ground between intimate lovers.Not only high security, higher privacy.The system does not require real-name registration, nor does it read a user’s address book, so there is no recommendation function for friends you might know, nor does it automatically match strangers.Chat without being disturbed by other people.If someone logs in to the chat system with a mobile phone number, the system will automatically clear all the information of the account. Outsiders cannot log in through the mobile phone number, and the system does not set the password retrieval function.Generally speaking, chat software will basically upload and backup the user’s chat records, some deleted messages can also be restored.The message transmission mode of Lucky Bar is carried out through the point-to-point mode. All chat records are encrypted and saved on the mobile phone, and the system will not upload and backup users’ privacy records.The most eye-catching or camouflage chat function, you can chat the whole process of camouflage.You can chat all the time without getting caught.Users can hide chat programs in calculators, alarm clocks, game programs, and news headlines as they like.The software covers for these functions are purely cosmetic and rarely used on the phone.And that’s exactly what makes many curious eyes let their guard down.If you are chatting with other people, you can turn on the disguise chat mode.Outsiders can see the pages of news, games and so on. They can chat while reading the news. Outsiders can’t see the input content of the chat.So not only can you chat undetected, but you can chat freely.New messages can also be disguised. When receiving mobile system updates, spam, advertising and other messages, it is likely that a friend sent a message, and can merge multiple messages into a single disguised message to prompt.Avoid frequent interruptions and draw attention to yourself.Moreover, there is no trace chat function, all messages can be read and deleted immediately after Posting.Let the conversation leave no trace.There are also private space album, only authorized to friends, can view and share the files inside.