Housing about 240,000 + nine-year schools!Mission Hills excellent Cattle hubei old reform planning draft public notice

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Sleeping for several years mission Hills excellent cattle hubei old change, there is a new movement.Recently, the project urban renewal unit planning (draft) public.The demolition area of the project is about 81,000 and the total planned volume is 354,800.The project size has a certain scale, but at the same time, it also means that the old reform is more difficult, and the subsequent promotion may not be easy.According to the published plan, the project has three residential sites with a floor area of 242,700 square meters (including 40,000 square meters of public rental housing), two parks, a 27-class nine-year public school, and a kindergarten.According to netizens in Shenzhen, the first 7 houses for sale are 49-57 stories high.The project is located next to Niuhu Station of Line 4, which is convenient for travel.The project is located in the niuhu area of Mission Hills Street, on the northeast side of the intersection of Golf Avenue and Guangpei North Road.The land area for renewal units is 112,611.6 square meters, the land area for demolition is 81,394.1 square meters, and the land area for development and construction is 40,633.5 square meters.The total planned volume is 354,880 square meters, including 242,740 square meters for residential buildings (40,320 square meters for public rental housing), 83,080 square meters for commercial, office and hotel buildings, and 5,000 square meters for underground commerce.Public supporting facilities (including underground) 24060 square meters (including 15 classes kindergarten building area 6810 square meters covers an area of 4,000 square meters;Comprehensive cultural center 8,470 square meters;Bus terminal 2900 square meters;Community policing room 100 square meters;Community health service center 1500 square meters;Community service center 400 square meters;750 square meters of community day care center for the elderly;700 square meters of public charging station;Community management room 300 square meters;Community vegetable market 500 square meters;Post office 100 square meters;Community level public supporting rooms 1530 square meters).Another community sports activity space of 1500 square meters.Article source: Leju buying a house