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“Ding-dong, ding-dong…”On the night of February 1, the first day of Chinese New Year, under the dim light of ankang East Railway Station at the foot of the Qinling Mountains by the Han River, a figure in a yellow suit, holding a hammer and a lamp, kept shuttling between vehicles in various positions, such as squatting, leaning up, looking up and turning around.He is Chen Tongcai, truck inspector of ankang Rolling Stock Section of Xi ‘an Railway Group Company.Ankang Depot is responsible for the technical inspection of goods trains arriving and transferring in six directions of Yangan, Xikang and Xiangyu lines.With the continuous increase of electric coal train and Spring Festival transportation materials, the average daily traffic of railway trucks in ankang East Station downslope operation yard reaches more than 4,500 vehicles, and the workload of inspectors has increased by nearly one third than usual.Chen Tongcai, 60, is mainly in charge of checking goods trains from south to north to eliminate hidden dangers and ensure their safe operation.This is his 27th Spring Festival travel rush, and his last one at his job.”A group of 8 work, 8 send 35001 train, marshalling 51.”At 0:56, the intercom came the sound of the duty room notice, Chen Tongcai in his work manual to record the time off, such as the information, and then picked up the car lamp, car hammer and workers to the road.Zero after the Foot of the Qinling Mountains, bursts of cold can not help but let him hit a cold tremble.Come to the operation site, check the signal, insert the protective red light, and start the operation.According to the specified operating standards, knock on the parts of the vehicle, listen to the parts of the voice is abnormal, carefully check whether the state of the vehicle parts is good.When checking the machine times seven, they found the car brake shoe limit, he hurriedly out new shoe material box, demanding into low at the bottom of the car, close the truncation cock, eliminate vice cylinder afterwinds wind, with a crowbar to pry open the clearance between the brake shoe and wheel, remove the brake shoe pin ring, pull out the brake shoe bolt, take the brake shoe had limit, change new shoe…Less than 3 minutes after the brake shoe replacement, he had some sweat on his forehead, climbed out of the car without wiping and ran to the next car.At 1:31, he squatted in the corridor, against the biting wind to watch the technical inspection finished train from the side of safety, until the last car passed, ready to return to the waiting room, the intercom came a message that another train is coming to the station to check the car, he tightened the belt of the car inspection tool on his waist and walked quickly to the parking lane.During the Spring Festival travel rush, he will check more than 400 trucks on average, walk nearly 20,000 steps, bend over 2,000 times, lean over 800 times and knock over 4,000 times.During his 27 years of work, he has inspected more than 353,000 trucks and vehicles, all of which can be connected from the northernmost part of China to the southernmost part.They have walked more than 23,000 kilometers on the road, equivalent to walking all the way across China’s land border.Master Chen is not only a list of check posts “veteran”, but as a “talent” to prevent vehicle malfunction, since work is always maintained in the military practice quality and indomitable perseverance, successively prevent endanger the safety of transport vehicle failure more than 500, gained greatly small dozens of honorary certificate, repeatedly won the title of “outstanding communist party member”.At dawn on February 2, Chen tongcai finished his night’s hard work. He had checked 16 trains, traveled 12 kilometers, found and dealt with 3 vehicle faults, and safely sent away 413 trucks.”The last Spring Festival travel, I really do not give up the hands of the hammer and struggle with the workers.I used to be unable to spend holidays with my family, but I felt inexplicable sad after I retired.As an old party member, I will give full play to my spare heat and stand on the last shift this year. I will cherish every minute and every second of the Spring Festival travel rush.”Chen Tongcai said.China Traffic Broadcast: elegant correspondent: Liu Lei